Mr. Beer Launches 12 New Kits to Simplify Craft Beer Brewing From Home

TUCSON, Ariz., Sept. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Last month Mr. Beer unveiled 12 new craft beer kits on their website. The kits feature the 6 most popular craft beer styles in "complete" and "starter" kit versions, and are developed to give first time homebrewers a simple and satisfying first experience with the hobby.

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Mr.Beer Launches 12 New Kits to Simplify Craft Beer Brewing From Home

Mr. Beer boasts a long-standing tradition of quality extract and partial mash brewing kits, and these 12 kits are sure to set a new standard. The intention with the new kits, according to Pat Bridges, Mr. Beer's VP of Sales and Marketing, is to "allow craft beer fans to take brewing into their own hands, to find a deeper appreciation for the flavors they enjoy from their favorite craft breweries."

Making beer with these Mr. Beer kits allows for shorter time to consumption, less required start up know-how, less mess, less odor in the home, and all of the same delicious flavor as other brewing methods.

The craft beer kits can be purchased with either Bewitched Amber Ale, American Lager, Northwest Pale Ale, Diablo IPA, Long Play IPA, or Churchills Nut Brown Ale beers inside. The kits range in price from $44.95 to $64.95 depending upon the beer and whether they are complete or starter versions. The difference between the complete and starter versions is that the complete kit comes with carbonation drops, bottles, caps and labels for bottling, while the starter kit comes with only the essentials for brewing.

Each craft beer kit makes almost an entire case of beer, or put differently, roughly 22 beers of 12 fl. oz or roughly 11 beers at 25 fl. oz.

With more than 110 recipes and growing, Mr. Beer's large collection of additional recipes ensures that brewers will not feel constrained in terms of their options when preparing beer batches in the future. Mr. Beer fans make abundantly clear in product reviews that customization and creativity are simple with their extract-based home brewing kits.

Get a glimpse of the 12 new craft beer kits at, and see why folks trust Mr. Beer to make DIY beer brewing so simple.

About Mr. Beer

Mr. Beer has developed home beer brewing kits since 1993, and has introduced millions of people to this great hobby. Many strong brewers started with Mr. Beer and now run breweries of their own! Currently Mr. Beer offers beer kits, cider kits, hard root beer kits, and standard root beer kits for our young brewers.

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