What Mr. Beer Recipe You Should be Brewing Based on Your Favorite NFL Team - AFC East & West

The second edition of our What Mr. Beer Recipe You Should Be Brewing Based on Your Favorite NFL Team is here! This edition features the AFC East and West teams.

If your favorite football team is in the AFC East or West, you won't want to miss this blog. Each beer recipe has been hand picked to reflect the team's fans and hometowns. So if you are a Bills, Broncos, Chiefs, Dolphins, Patriots, Jets, Raiders or Chargers fan, read on for fun facts and good beer!


Buffalo Bills

If you are a Buffalo Bills fan, you know better than anyone how frustrating their playoff drought has been. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Bills history, they haven't seen a playoff match since 1999. Yikes. It would appear that the Bills are in need of a lot of luck, and maybe even a little bit of magic, if they are going to end their decade long drought. That's why every Bills fan needs to be drinking The Voodoo That You Do recipe this season. Hopefully this beer can bring a little bit of voodoo magic to help the Bills see the playoffs this year!


Denver Broncos

The Broncos have too many famous faces and names to fit in one post. From Payton Manning to John Elway, how do we pick just one? We can't, so we are just going to say that the Broncos have had some amazing success over the years, and Broncos fans are lucky to have such a great team to watch.

Since Denver's mascot is the Broncos, how could we pick any other beer than our Cowgirl Honey Light? Smooth and silky with just a hint of hop spice to even things out, this horse themed beer is a classic for a classic American team.


Kansas City Chiefs

Before they were the Kansas City Chiefs, this team was known as the Dallas Texans. In 1963, the team relocated to Missouri, leaving their rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, to monopolize the Lone Star State. Unfortunately, the Chiefs aren't known for their stellar record... in fact, after appearing in 2 of the first 4 Super Bowls, they haven't made it to the Big Game since. However, this doesn't stop their hometown fans from cheering them on season after season.

Since the Kansas City Chiefs have "Kansas" in their name (even though they are from the Missouri Kansas City) we decided the perfect beer for Chiefs fans was our Wild Wheat. Why? Because Kansas is one of the leading producers of wheat in the entire country. This beer has a balanced flavor with a fruity finish, and has just enough of everything but not too much of anything, making it the perfect game day brew.


Miami Dolphins

This team may not win a lot, but some of their owners and investors sure do. Big names include Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, Fergie and Venus and Serena Williams. Who needs a winning record when you have big names like that on your side? Dolphin's fans, we would like to introduce you to Baby Got Bock, your perfect recipe. With the impressive backing the Dolphin's team has, it makes sense to give you a beer that celebrates bigbacks bocks.


New England Patriots

Oh Patriots... where do we even begin. From Spygate to Deflategate, you make it really difficult for us to pick just one memorable moment to highlight. One Mr. Beer team member suggested we don't even give New England a recipe to brew, and instead, you should just go spy on what your neighbor is brewing and copy that.

All bad publicity aside, the Patriots are unarguably a fantastic team. They have appeared in 8 Super Bowls, winning 4 of those appearances. Therefore, your perfect recipe is the Powerful Patriot Ale. A powerful beer for the Patriots and their fans. Combining two historic American beer styles with none other than the liberating flavor of Liberty hops gives you nothing short of one heck of a freedom-loving beer.


New York Jets

New York Jets are synonyms with Fireman Ed. For those of you who don't know, Fireman Ed is one of the NFL's most famous super fans, and he has been leading chants at Jets' games for years. That is, until the notorious butt fumble of 2012. Fireman Ed was so mad at Mark Sanchez, he walked out the game and said he was retiring from New York Jets fandom. Thankfully, Ed has returned to lead cheers as of 2015. Welcome back Fireman Ed.

In memory of the butt fumble, you would think we would give you the Baby Got Bock recipe... but that was just to easy. Instead, we are giving the Jets our highest ABV recipe as their perfect beer: Novacaine. At 10% ABV, after just one of these brews, Jets fans and Fireman Ed will have forgotten all about the Butt Fumble incident. Some memories just need to be forgotten. For those of you who don't want to forget (*cough cough* Patriots fans), here is a fun reminder on repeat. Enjoy.



Oakland Raiders

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the true loyalty that Raider's fans exhibit? Let's be honest here, the Raider's aren't the best team in the NFL by a long shot... yet their crazy fans never waver in their undying love. What the team lacks in talent their fans make up for with creativity. Just check out some of these crazy game day outfits:




These fans really are shameless... which is they should all be brewing our Shameless Stout. Deep garnet in color, this brunette beauty will tempt and entice you with her creamy, full-bodied character and dark roasty flavor. So put on your craziest Raider outfit, toss a few of these back, and parade around with your shameless head held high.


San Diego Chargers

Did you know offensive tackle D.J. Fulker's middle name is Jesus? His mom once stated that she wanted her son to be special since he was the biggest baby in the hospital when he was born. (He weighed in at a whopping 12 lbs.) With a name like that, he certainly had big shoes to fill!

In celebration of D.J.'s biblical name, the Charger's recipe is Sunday Morning Coming Down. Whether you are spending your Sundays in church with D.J.'s namesake, or watching football (or both), this is the perfect Sunday beer thanks to the addition of 8 espresso shots during bottling. Word to the wise: it is probably best to wait until AFTER church to start drinking these.