What Mr. Beer Recipe You Should be Brewing Based on Your Favorite NFL Team - AFC North & South

Everyone here at Mr. Beer loves football season... after all, what goes together better than Sunday football and an ice cold beer? However, picking the perfect game day brew can be challenging. There are a lot of options out there! That's why we are here to help. Using the list below, find your favorite NFL team. Each team has been matched with a Mr. Beer recipe that best represents the team, their hometown, and their fans. However, a list of 32 teams was a bit long, so we decided to split it up into 4 separate posts:

  • Post 1: AFC North & South
  • Post 2: AFC East & West
  • Post 3: NFC North & South
  • Post 4: NFC East & West

So, without further ado, here are your 8 AFC North and South teams!

Baltimore Ravens


A few fun facts about the Ravens: their super bowl ring from the XLVI Superbowl is gigantic (243 diamonds and 3.75 carats total to be exact), the Ravens first game at Memorial Stadium had 64,124 fans present (which set a record for Baltimore sporting events), and, they REALLY love ice cream. No seriously, they feel about ice cream the way you feel about beer:


Next time you are watching the Ravens, you need to be sipping on our Rave-On Saison. Rave-on... Raven... Get it? Corny, we know, but this beer won't dissapoint. Spicy, fruity, and funky,this saison is best known for its entrancing blend of spice, fruit, hops, and malt. No doubt it will have you running to the fridge for more just like Arthur Jones is running to that ice cream truck.

Cincinnati Bengals


Meet Cincinnati Bengals super fan: Garey Faulkner He has the best beard in NFL history, and he uses it to support his favorite team, the Bengals. Don't believe us? Just check this thing out:

12004773_10206551752465669_7650821155421420421_n beard

We have dubbed the American Burleywinethe perfect Bengals beer, in honor of the burliest beard we have ever seen. You might not be able to grow a beard as fantastic as Mr. Faulkners, but you can drink a beer that makes you feel like you could. At 10% ABV, this beer isn't for the faint of heart.

Cleveland Browns


The Browns are one of only 12 teams that predate the 1960 launch of the American Football League. During those early years, the Browns were incredibly successful under owner Arthur McBride, who sought to make the team more recognizable through parades, concerts etc. They even chose a mascot for the team: Brownie the Elf. Fans loved the athletic little elf, who was unfortunately changed in 1961 by a new owner who was embarrassed by Brownie.

So, in remembrance of Brownie, we have decided the Cleveland Browns official Mr. Beer recipe is German Doppelbock. Elves got their start in Germanic folklore, so we pay tribute to Brownie with one of our favorite German beers. Sweet, rich and dark ruby-black, this beer is creamy, yet smooth and malty, with a crisp finish that rules the double bock style.

Houston Texans


One of the most well known Houston Texans players is golden boy JJ Watt. He is not only known for his athleticism on the field, but for his kind heart off the field. Watt has meet with cancer patients who were die-hard fans, played football with the kids from Sandy Hook Elementary, and even married a 6 year old girl for the day when she confessed her love on YouTube.

So what better way to toast the golden boy than with a glass of All American Gold. Pale, delicately balanced with traditional hops, this is Sunday football beer at its best.

Indianapolis Colts


The Colts backup quarterback, Matt Hasselback, is currently the NFL's oldest player at this position. He will turn 40 on September 25th this year. By football standards, he is practically ancient.

For Hasselback's 40th birthday this year, go ahead and raise a glass of Defibrillator Doppelbock! Not saying he will need a defibrillator, but at his age in the NFL, you should probably have something on hand just in case, and this beer is strong enough to do the trick. All jokes aside, Matt Hasselback has always been a fantastic quarterback and a great teammate, and for that, he and his team deserve a Mr. Beer recipe that is as equally great.

Jacksonville Jaguars


Florida... the land of sunshine and sand. The Jaguars home state is one of the most beautiful in the country, and temperature highs range from 83°F - 87°F. This sort of weather calls for a cool, crisp beer to enjoy when you are watching the game. Say hello to Beach Babe Blonde. A well-rounded, golden blonde with a great fluffy head on her, and just enough tartness to really capture your attention. Combining the best of both worlds, this well-balanced golden ale is paired with a lime finish to tame even the most voracious thirst.

Pittsburgh Steelers


The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of six teams in the NFL that don't have cheerleaders in their franchise. However, they were actually the first team in the NFL to have cheerleaders: the Pittsburgh Steelerettes. The cheer squad began in 1961 and ended shortly thereafter in 1969. At the time, all cheerleaders for the team were full-time students at Robert Morris Junior College.

As one of the teams who doesn't boast lovely ladies on the sidelines during their games, we decided to give Steelers fans at least one lady for game day: Camilla's Folly. English hops flavor this classic style with pale malt at its base, but with some caramel, nutty tones tossed in for a nice complexity, this ESB will be the perfect beer for cheering on the Steelers.

Tennessee Titans


It isn't hard to imagine that football players have big appetites. After all, the sports boasts some of the largest athletes of any sport. However, Tennessee Titans guard, Chance Warmack, seems to have a bigger appetite than most. In 2012, the 6'2", 323 lb player took on the Mugshots Grill and Bar burger challenge: three all-beef patties, six strips of bacon, three slices of cheese, layered on four bun slices and accompanied by a large order of fries, an onion ring and a fried pickle. All of this must be eaten in 12 minutes to win the challenge... Warmack devoured 2 of these in the allotted time.

Assuming that Titan's fans have even a smidgen of the same eating and drinking power that Chance posses, then there could be no other beer for game day than the Heavy McWee.  Malty, caramel notes dominate this russet colored beauty as earthy complexity underpins initial stone fruit impressions with intense warming alcohol. No doubt about it, this is a man's drink! Now that we have given all the AFC North and South fans their best Mr. Beer recipes, the rest of the AFC (East and West) can look forward to finding out their recipes next week, just in time for Sunday football. Cheers!