What Mr. Beer Recipe You Should be Brewing Based on Your Favorite NFL Team - NFC East & West Edition

It is the last week of What Mr. Beer Recipe You Should Be Brewing Based on Your Favorite NFL Team. This last and final weeks brings us to the NFC East & West teams.

So, if you have been waiting for the past 4 weeks because your favorite team is part of the NFC East & West, your time has finally come. If you root for the Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, Redskins, Cardinals, 49ers, Seahawks or the Rams, keep reading to find out what beer you need to be brewing. Cheers!


Arizona Cardinals

Everyone knows it is hot in Arizona. Average highs in October hover around 90°F, but the highest recorded temperature during the month was 107°F! Can you imagine playing in that kind of heat? Heck, can you imagine sitting in a stadium cheering on your favorite team in that kind of heat?

If you are going to brave the toasty temperatures of Arizona, you are going to need one strong beer. OurGila Monster Black IPA is one of our highest ABV recipes, plus, the Gila Monster is native to the Arizona desert. This big, moderately roasty, India Pale Ale showcases the dark malt character followed by a deep hop back bite, and will need just a few before you forget all about that unbearable heat outside.


Dallas Cowboys

Besides being a great football team, the Cowboys are most well know for their cheerleaders. Easily the most famous cheerleaders in the NFL, they even have their own TV show. While some teams in the NFL don't even have cheerleaders, Cowboy fans can brag that they have some of the most talented and beautiful ladies in the league.

The Cowboy cheerleaders are so good, they will make you stagger back in amazement... so your beer is the Staggerback Stout of course! Dark, roasted and delicious, this beer will make you feel all warm inside. Once this beer is chilled, the balance of hops and malt are at their most complex, making this beer perfect for game day.


New York Giants

The Giants have an impressive history. One of five teams to join the NFL in 1925, the Giants are the only team from this original group that still exists. Plus, they are the longest-established NFL team from the Northeastern United States. In their long tenure, the Giants have accumulated an impressive record, landing them third in the entire NFL for overall championship wins.

If you are like us, you are probably thinking, "Holy moly, that is an impressive team." Since we don't have a "Holy Moly Stout," we have given the Giants the Ole Mole Stout as their team recipe, because that is close enough. Dark, rich roasted malt and chocolate, balanced perfectly with hops and a peppery bite, the symphony of flavors in this well-crafted stout will set your taste buds aglow.


Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles' offensive tackle, Lane Johnson, likes food. A lot. When you are 6'6" and weigh 310 lbs, it makes sense that you would need a lot of food to keep yourself going. However, Johnson really outdid himself on a 2013 trip home to his native Oklahoma. His mother bought 36 eggs and enough hamburger meat to make 20 burgers. Within one day, all 20 burgers and 36 eggs were gone, and Johnson had no shame admitting he ate all of it. Imagine what that grocery bill was like while he was growing up...

We have decided that the Eagles should be inspired by Lane's eating ability, so we have given you the Chug-a-Lugger recipe. Chug-a-Lugger is a pale brew, but full of malt flavor and hot with alcohol. This easy drinking cream ale has an elevated ABV, so don't get carried away and try to chug as well as Johnson eats, because it will be impossible.


San Francisco 49ers

Having grown up a 49ers fan, it really saddens me to watch them this year. With almost an entirely new team, they have been struggling to return to former glory. Fans dislike their quarterback Kaepernick almost as much as they dislike the teams management, and they are off to a pretty scary start at 1-3 on the season.

Therefore, us 49ers fans needs to brew up a batch of Big Red One, which celebrates the teams colors, and pray to the football gods that they can turn things around this season. And if the football gods don't answer our prayers, than we have a lot of good beer to drink to numb the pain. Big Red One is dark amber in color and rich in flavor, and this "big brew" will give you a warming sensation all the way down. At around 8% ABV, this complex brew will help you forget the Niners bad season in no time.


Seattle Seahawks

When trying to decide what the team's mascot should be, Seattle locals came up with some pretty abysmal names. Some rejections include "Seattle Running Salmon," "Seattle Rainbeams," and the 'Seattle Pachyderms." The running salmon isn't a very intimidating mascot, and the rainbeams would have given their logo designer quite the challenge... how does one even begin to design a rainbeam mascot costume?

Seahawk fans, we present to you Uncle Monkey's Dunkel. Why? Because that is an odd name for a beer recipe, and apparently Seattle fans are really into coming up with weird names. Odd nameaside, this traditional Dunkel is a dark lager that hails from Bavaria and possesses a light floral, yet spicy, aroma as well as a rich caramel malt sweetness with a clean finish. Odd name, great beer.


St. Louis Rams

Linebacker James Laurinaitis has a somewhat famous father - Animal, who was part of the WWE's Road Warriors duo in the 80's. As you can tell from the photo bellow, Joe Laurinaitis' shoulder pads are way cooler than the shoulder pads his son James gets to wear for the Rams:


We think those shoulder pads are the bee's knees, so we are giving Rams fans the Bee's Knees beer recipe. Yes, Animal may not be affiliated with the Rams, but his son plays for them, and those shoulder pads are just too cool to not pay tribute to. The Bee's Knees is pale golden, misty and malty, with subtle notes of wheat, honey and hop spice. Next time you are enjoying a Rams game and drinking your Bee's Knees, just take a moment to remember Animal and his awesome shoulder pads.


Washington Redskins

Chris Thompson, Redskins running back, has one of the weirdest game day rituals we have ever heard: before the game, he collects a yellow and red Starburst. He then eats the yellow one before the game and places the red one in his sock, plays the first half, and then eats the red one at halftime. He says he has been doing this ritual since high school, and continues to do it during his professional career. Convenient that the Starburst colors that he eats are the same colors as his team's colors.

Paying tribute to rituals and good luck wishes, we are giving Redskins fans May The Schwarz Bier With You for their recipe. May the force be with you Chris Thompson, and we hope your high school ritual keeps working for you... and that your red Starburst doesn't taste too much like sweaty socks.