What Mr. Beer Recipe You Should be Brewing Based on Your Favorite NFL Team - NFC North & South

Week 3 of our What Mr. Beer Recipe You Should Be Brewing Based on Your Favorite NFL Team is here! This week takes us to a new conference: the NFC, and features the North and South teams. So, if your favorite team is the Falcons, Bears, Lions, Packers, Vikings, Panthers, Saints, or the Buccaneers, this is the post for you! Your team's recipe represents a fun fact or piece of team history, or highlights the team's fans. So, without further ado, here is your NFC North and South edition!


Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons got their name after the team held a contest that allowed fans to submit their ideas on what the mascot should be chosen and why. The winning entry, from a local school teacher, said that the team mascot should be a falcon because, "the falcon is proud and dignified, with great courage and pride." Thus, the Atlanta Falcons were born.

Obviously, if you are a die-hard Falcons fan, your game day beer should include Falconers Flight hops! Therefore, your perfect beer is our Hopiphany White IPA. This is an inspired White IPA that will leave you reveling in it's complexity, and yearning for more... plus, it features Falconers Flight hops to represent your team!


Carolina Panthers

Don't get me wrong, I of all people love Carolina quarterback Cam Newton; after all, he helped lead me to a Mr. Beer Fantasy Football championship win last year. However, last year he made a bit of a technological "whoopsie." He got his official Twitter account hacked. He later Tweeted that his account was hacked because he brilliantly made his password "Camnewton1" and the hackers had no problem figuring that one out.

In honor of Cam Newton's inability to come up with trickier passwords than his own name, we have dubbed the Panther's recipe the API IPA. Why, you might ask? Well, because API is simply IPA spelled backwards, and that isn't very clever.... just like Cam's Twitter password. Name aside, this IPA will be a great addition to your upcoming football parties.


Chicago Bears

The only thing Chicago fans seem to dislike more than their quarterback, Jay Cutler, are Green Bay Packers fans. Which is saying something, because Bears fans really don't like Cutler. According to a recent Q-Score breakdown, which measures the likeability of a celebrity, Bears fans dislike Cutler significantly more than they did 2 years ago.

It's hard to be around, or watch people on TV, that you don't like very much. Thankfully, Mr. Beer has a recipe to help with that: the Horse's Ass Ale. This beer is scientifically proven to help you tolerate the people that drive you crazy, including Cutler. Make sure you have a batch of this on hand for all the Bears games this season.


Detroit Lions

If you are a die-hard Detroit Lions fan, let us first apologize for what we are about to write. While the Lions have seen some great players over the years (think Ndamukong Suh, Barry Sanders and Joe Schmidt), that talent hasn't always translated to success. In fact, the Lions haven't seen an NFL championship game since 1957, and have never made it to the Super Bowl. Ouch.

These facts have probably made our Detroit fans a little angry, so your team beer is the Surly Dog IPA. While you might be a little surly about your team's lack of success, this heavy hitter IPA might brighten your mood a bit.


Green Bay Packers

There are a lot of cool facts about the Packers: they ride kid's bikes to training camp (a tradition started by Vince Lombardi), they have won more NFL championships then any other team, and they are the only NFL team to be publicly owned by their fans. Speaking of fans... they also have some notoriously nutty fans. Dressed in very little clothing (sometimes even women in bathing suits) these loyal fans will brave some truly terrifying temperatures to support their Packers.

In an attempt to keep these fans a little bit warmer, we are giving you the Count Hopsulator recipe. This dense, strong Black Ale packs so much heat it could put a warm rosy glow into even Daracula's cheeks. This beer is not for the faint of heart... and we know Packers fans are most definitely not faint of heart. Photo proof below:





Minnesota Vikings

The official fight song of the Vikings is "Skol, Vikings." Skol is Scandinavian for "cheers," which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone since the Viking history is rich with homebrewing and beer. In the 12th century, Vikings brewed 'aul' to help get them through cold Scandinavian winters. Today, the brewing industry in Norway still thrives, dating back to their oldest surviving brewery, Aass. This famous brewery is known for their rich, strong bocks.

Vikings fans should give a tip of their hats to their mascot's heritage and brew up our German Doppelbock. While it might not be Norwegian, it still has that traditional bock style that breweries like Aass are known for. So, sit down and enjoy watching your Vikings with a glass (or three) of this sweet, rich and and malty brew that boasts a crisp finish that rules the bock style.


New Orleans Saints

Let's take a trip back to the 2009 season for the Saints, shall we? The best season in franchise history, the Saints won a record 13 games during the season, and qualified for their first Super Bowl, which they consequently won. They are one of only 3 NFL teams to win their solo Super Bowl appearance in NFL history. Now that is one heck of a season, and one we still remember.

This may have happened 6 seasons ago, but we think it is still worth celebrating. Therefore, your recipe of choice is the Partytime Pilsner. There is nothing like a clean and crisp pilsner to get the party started right, and this beer won't disappoint. So, regardless of how the Saints are doing this season, crack open one of these brews and start partying.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

While you may love your Buccaneers, you can't deny that the one record they hold is a bit sad. The Buccaneers hold the longest losing streak in NFL history at 26 games. Granted, it was their first 2 years as a franchise, but that record still stings a little bit even today.

To help you forget this sad record during game time, we are giving you the Liquid Daydream recipe. The magical mingling flavors of pepper and spice, sweet toffee malt and fruit, and other, more earthy, flavors in this beer will transport you into one sweet daydream, giving you momentary relief from your teams not-so-great history.