Mr.Beer has a recipe for success
Inside Tucson Business / News / Tucson, AZ - Chris Flora, Inside Tucson Business Positive change is brewing at Mr.Beer's. After spending more than a decade leasing its Kolb Road location, Mr.Beer Home Brewing on Aug. 21 held an open house to show off its newest products and celebrate the March move-in of its self-owned location at 3366 N. Dodge Blvd. Founded in 1993 and brought to Tucson in 1999 by Mike Bernstein, Mr.Beer underwent further changes in 2012 when it was purchased by Australian brewery, Coopers. Thanks to its new, larger facility, and added staff, Mr.Beer is operating as efficiently as possible and offering additional home brewing options that can be used by experienced or amateur brewers. "It's a simple way to create your own recipe and strength of the recipe," said Sales Manager Shawn Halstead. "Using our kits is also a lot faster than brewing from scratch, because doing that you have a full process of converting starches in the barley, boiling the hops into it, and then cooling it and fermenting it, which in itself takes a week and a half to two weeks, as does carbonating. We've done most of the work for you, so really all you have to do is add it to water." Mr.Beer brewing kits include everything one would need to get started brewing their own beer. What's in a Mr.Beer brewing kit?
  • 8-liter keg fermenter and lid
  • Mr.Beer keg logo label
  • 740-militer PET bottles, caps and labels
  • Spigot, washer and nut
  • Can of hopped malt extract
  • 1 packet of yeast
  • Packet of no-rinse cleanser
  • Bag of carbonation drops
  • "Brewing with Mr.Beer" DVD
Coming in 2014 are two new brewing kits – an 8-liter Extra kit, and a 24-liter kit. In addition to beer brewing kits, Mr.Beer also offers hard cider kits and root beer kits, as well as refills for all products. Kit accessories can also be purchased, to include brewing utensils, cleansers, sanitizers, replacement parts, bottling systems and growlers. Vice President of Operations Rick Zich says brewing kits are popular year round, but particularly so around the holiday season. "We get a lot of wives and girlfriends buying around Christmas time. Women between 25 and 45 (years old) is our target market," said Zich. "After Christmas, then it's the 25-40 year-old male that comes back to us and keeps on buying." For more information on Mr.Beer, visit or call 800-852-4263. News article originally posted at: