National Lager Day 2015

When it is all said and done, there are only two types of beer in this world: ales and lagers. Today is a day to celebrate the latter! 

As far as history goes, lagers are relatively new to the beer scene. By new, we mean the first mention of a lager style beer was in 16th century Bavaria. A lagers biggest differentiator is the style of yeast used during fermentation and the temperature at which you brew. To be a true lager, you need a bottom-brewing yest, and it needs to be fermented at cooler temperatures.

A lager will traditionally exhibit a smooth, crisp flavor and will be balanced and full bodied. The lager typically has a lower ABV than a standard ale, and it's well-rounded taste is one of the reasons lagers are the beer of choice in almost every corner of the world (except England, which prefers an ale). In fact, the 20 most popular beers in America are all lagers!

There is a myth that lagers are darker, winter style beers, but this is untrue. Lagers can encompass a variety of styles, including light-bodied pilsners all the way down to the darkest of bocks. As long as it is brewed at cooler temperatures and with a lager yeast, it is in the lager family.

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