Pint Glass

Ah, the good ol' pint glass; beer's most trusted partner in crime. If you've been to a craft brewery, or any bar really, you've most likely enjoyed almost every style of beer out of a pint glass. This glass is the most prevalent glass on the market, and there are a few good reasons why, and it all has to do with the shape:


It is really easy to pour a beer into a pint glass. Being more narrow on the bottom and wider at the top, this simple glass makes beers look good, and makes pouring quite easy. Additionally, this same shape makes the beer easy to drink... and let's be honest, that's really the most important thing. These sturdy glasses are easy to grab, and their wide mouth makes that beer go down nice and easy. The shape of the pint glass also makes them easy to stack. Therefore, bar and brewery managers are able to stack multiple glasses on top of one another, saving themselves space and making pouring more efficient. Last but not least, the simple shape of this glass makes them inexpensive to manufacture. So, as a bar owner, if a glass is easy to stack, doesn't take up much space AND doesn't cost a lot of money, it makes sense for you to serve any and all of your beers in that glass style. However, while we have most likely drank an array of beer styles from this trusty glass, there are a few beers that are meant to be drank specifically from pint glasses. They include:

If you're looking for a great Mr. Beer recipe to enjoy in your pint glass, here are just a few great options:

  • Dad's Favorite Cream Ale - Evenly balanced, pale and light bodied, this classic cream ale is the perfect beer for any occasion.
  • Santa Catalina Pale Ale - This golden ale is bright and flavorful with a bold hop bite.
  • Punkin Lager - This recipe is like drinking the best pasts of pumpkin pie, but in beer form.
  • Rocket's Red Glare - A well-balanced brew that glows with a tinge of wheat, and whose flavor is lush with the caramel and toffee malts that are the heart of its foundation.

These beer styles will all taste great when enjoyed from your average-joe pint glass. However, you can realistically enjoy any beer style from the pint glass, so don't let this list limit your enjoyment!