The Guide to Delectable Thanksgiving Beer Pairings

Whether you plan on wowing your guests (at the adults table) with a Thanksgiving meal beer flight, want to know which beer will complement your favorite side dish, or just want a suggestion to pair with your entire meal, we've created a complete Thanksgiving Meal beer pairings list to cover all of the bases. Here's hoping that you all give thanks, savor your Turkey Day meal, and enjoy the day with your loved ones. Be sure to keep your eyes on the Hot Deals page while you munch next day leftovers – we promise you wont want to miss what we've got planned!  

For Turkey We'd suggest: A Saison like Saison Du Miel

This lightly spicy ale with a dry, hoppy finish will complement the earthy character of tender turkey meat. Because turkey tends to have a subtler flavor, even if it's been prepared with a spice rub, it's best to choose a beer with a slight flavor kick, but nothing with high hoppy bitterness, as it will overpower the flavor of your turkey.

For Stuffing We'd suggest: A Czech Pilsner like Grand Bohemian

The balanced nature of our Grand Bohemian makes it an excellent complement for both mild and buttery or spicy and bold cornbread stuffing. Our Czech Pilsner has a soft bitterness from the Saaz hops, which pairs well with the stuffing's seasoning. Even if your family or friend group boasts a particularly hearty, spicy stuffing, Grand Bohemian has enough kick to stand up to the bold flavor without overwhelming your palate. The sweet malt flavors make this beer just as delicious with a more traditional cornbread stuffing.

For Mashed Potatoes and Gravy We'd suggest: An English Brown Ale like Churchills Nut Brown Ale

An English Brown Ale will have a lighter body than American-style Brown Ale, while still having enough boldness to stand up against rich, starchy mashed potatoes. Our Brown Ale features cocoa, light fruit, and caramel malt notes with a clean, hoppy finish. Roasted malts will not disrupt the rich, buttery flavor of the mashed potatoes, and the crisp hops at the end make this beer a refreshing pick.

For Buttered Rolls We'd suggest: A German Schwarzbier like May the Schwarz Bier With You

Our Schwarzbier has bold flavor with a light body, so the mouthfeel wont be too rich to pair with hot, buttered rolls. The roasted flavors in this black lager will add a sweet and toasted character to your rolls. In fact, the bold flavor/light body profile of this beer makes it a great choice for pairing with the entire Thanksgiving meal.

For Green Bean Casserole We'd suggest: An American Pale Ale like Northwest Pale Ale

Finding a complement for the savory green beans, creamy mushrooms, and crisp fried onions found in this dish may seem like a challenge, but American Pale Ale is a multitasker much like this casserole. Our Northwest Pale Ale has the bright, citrus hops and toasted barley grains to stand up to the many features of this Thanksgiving favorite.

For Ham We'd suggest: A Bock like Baby Got Bock

Thanksgiving ham means serious saltiness and some sweetness. This flavorful meat requires a stronger beer to act as its complement. That's why we're suggesting a big bad bock with a viscous mouthfeel and rich caramel sweetness to act as a sort of beer-as-glaze for your ham.

For Cranberry Sauce We'd suggest: An IPA like Hopiphany White IPA

The tangy, tart, acidy jaminess of cranberries needs something with a spicy kick as its pairing. We thought the piney, floral, and bright character of Hopiphany's hops could certainly do the job. This clean, refreshing IPA will cut through the sauce's bitterness while evening out its sweetness.

For Sweet Potatoes We'd suggest: A Belgian Dubbel like Abbey Dubbel

Let the mix of cocoa, spice, and light fruit in our Abbey Dubbel build on the buttery and candied flavors of sweet potatoes, while its dry finish refreshes. The mouthfeel and alcohol content of our Belgian Dubbel wont be so heavy that your palate and belly are overwhelmed with warm, sticky, sweetness.

For Pumpkin Pie We'd suggest: A Stout like St. Patrick's Irish Stout or Angry Bovine Milk Stout

We couldn't decide so we listed two Stout suggestions – one for those who enjoy finishing a creamy dessert with a bold coffee, and those who enjoy a cold glass of milk beside their slice of pie. A dark, roasty Stout is the perfect complement to fluffy, dense pumpkin pie. Our St. Patrick's Stout will bring roasted coffee and cocoa with a velvety finish, while our Angry Bovine Stout will provide sweet, smooth, and milky character without the bitterness. If you're feeling especially daring you could go for a hot and spicy stout like our Calavera to really bring something new to your pumpkin dessert.

For Pecan Pie We'd suggest: A Russian-Imperial-Style Stout like Baltic Porter

Caramely, sugary pecan pie requires not just any Stout – but the character of a Russian Imperial. Our Baltic Porter's rich, malty, sweetness is balanced by roasted malts and finished with a warming, smooth mouthfeel and hint of licorice. This rich and sweet dessert pairing is sure to be the big finish to your Thanksgiving feast.

For The Whole Meal We'd suggest: A Quadrupel like Gigantor Quad

A beer to pair with your entire meal needs to not be too roasty and bold for the subtle flavors of turkey, mashed potatoes, or buttered rolls, while not being too light against a spicy stuffing or rich, sweet dessert. Our Gigantor Quad is a strong Belgian with ripe fruit, caramel, and generally malt-forward flavor to brighten up any dish it is paired with.