We did this video a while back, but we have updated our recipe offering and given all the new brewers we thought it was time for a new one.

We break our recipes down into 3 categories. Extract Plus, Partial Mash, & Advanced Brewing recipes.

Extract Plus – This is a can of hopped malt extract plus simple additional ingredients. This can be fruit, LME, DME, Hops. So it took our base cans and added a few additional ingredients. If you are going to start brewing recipes we would recommend starting with this category.

Partial Mash – With these recipes, we are adding additional steeping grains. This is where you will steep some grains for about 30 minutes. Then you will hops or fruit or anything else to your brew and follow the brewing process.

Advanced Recipes - This is where we take brewing to the next level. All of these recipes are LME or DME. So this will require longer boil times, usually up to an hour. This is because we are using unhoped extract so to get bitterness you need to boil your hops. You will also need some additional equipment as well.