What do you need to brew Mr. Beer’s new 5 gallon recipes?

Last week we added some new 5 gallon recipes to our offerings. For those who are interested, we break down what you need to brew these new recipes.

With the launch of our 5-gallon recipes, we are hoping to expand the offerings for those of our customers who already brew 5 gallons, but if you have never brewed this size before you may be wondering what extra equipment you need.

Well, you don’t need that much at all.

For our 5 gallon recipes, we used Coopers HME’s as the base. So just like with most Mr. Beer recipes, you are starting with HME as a base so you don’t need a lot of extra equipment.

So the first thing you will need is a 5-gallon fermenter. I would recommend the Coopers DIY fermenter we sell on our website. It's an awesome fermenter. It has a spigot for easy bottling and the bottom of it is actually a slight conical to help all the trub settle down there.

Also, with the krausen kollar this fermenter can hold up to 8.9 gallons.

So once you have that you will need a 1-2 gallon pot for your boils.

Then you will need enough bottles to bottle 5 gallons or 19 liters of beer. This is about 30 of 740ml bottles which we do sell on the website.

All of these items can be found under the 5-gallon brewing section on our site. So if you are ready to start brewing more, then give these recipes a try.