We offer 3 different types of refills on the site, standard, deluxe, and craft. We thought it would be helpful to break down the difference in those for easy reference.

We offer 10 different standard refills. These refills consist of a can of HME, No-Rinse cleanser, and a booster. The booster is the main difference in those. What this will do is increase the ABV of your beer and the body of the beer without altering the flavor or adding any other off-flavors. You will get 2 packets of the booster with your standard refill.

The deluxe refill is also 10 different styles. These are the same base HME cans that are used in the standard refills. With these ones, you get your can of HME, No-Rinse, and 2 packets of LME or liquid malt extract. What these will do is increase the ABV of your beer and add more maltiness to your beer. It also added more flavor and body to the beer as well.

Our craft refills come in 5 different styles. These are bigger cans of HME. So the beer they produce has a higher ABV, with more favor and hoppiness. With these, you get the can of HME, No-Rinse, and our Carbonation drops.