If you have been brewing with Mr. Beer or any other homebrewing company you may know about malt extract. But there are 2 different kinds of liquid malt extract.

First, let's talk about similarities, both of these are condensed forms of wort. This is done through evaporation to extract moisture and create a syrup-like substance.

That’s about where it ends.

One thing to note is that not all liquid malt extract is created equally. One thing about the Mr. Beer extracts is that we use low-temperature processed evaporation. What this does is helps preserve the integrity of the malt extract.

Now for the differences.

The main difference is that one is hopped and one is not.

So Liquid Malt Extract does not have any hops added to it. So that means that you need to do a hop boil to get any bitterness in your beer.

Hopped malt extract is pre hopped, so all you have to do is dilute it with water, and you are good to go.

Brewing with hopped malt extract is much simpler. Brewing with LME allows you more customization over the process.

All of Mr. Beer’s Refills use HME. When you get into our recipes we use a mixture of LME & HME. With our advanced recipes, those are all LME based.