What you need to get started homebrewing?

Depending on what type of method you are going to use to homebrew, you will need different items. While some only require common kitchen items, others require extra equipment to brew up a batch. The 3 brewing styles we are going to cover are Malt Extract, Specialty Grains, and All Grain. 

Malt Extract

Brewing with Malt Extract is the simplest way to brew beer. It provides great tasting beer with less time and equipment required. All you need are common kitchen items to brew with. For brewing with Mr. Beer Malt extract you will need a 4qt or larger pot, mixing spoon, can opener, measuring cup, and that’s it! Most people have that available already in their kitchen so there is no need to purchase any extra equipment.  

You can also brew 5-gallon batches of malt extract. Depending on those instructions you may need a larger pot. If you are brewing with Coopers Extract (our parent company) then you mix everything up in the fermenter. So you don’t need a large pot.

Specialty Grains

Brewing with specialty grains is an added step in the brewing process. This is taking grains and in simple terms, steeping them in water for 30 minutes or so. You will usually have several ounces of grains and then you will still use a malt extract can as a base. For Mr. Beer, these make up a lot of our recipes.

You will need everything that you need for Malt Extract brewing plus some additional items. You will need a larger pot, oftentimes to hold 1 gallon of water. You will need a thermometer so you can monitor your water temperature to help in stay within a range. You will also need tongs and a large strainer big enough to hold the wet grain bag. After the boil, you will put the grain bag into the strainer and run some hot water over it.  


Now for brewing all-grain, you will need significantly more equipment as well as space to brew. You will need an 8 gallon or larger boil kettle. A mash tun, which is usually a 7 or 10-gallon cooler or kettle with a ball valve. A hot liquor tank, a false bottom for the mash tun, tubing that is high temperature resistant for transferring liquid, and a heat source. Most people use a propane burner.

So to brew all-grain it is a significant investment in equipment, space, as well as time.

I don’t know about you, but ill stick with the malt extract. Less equipment takes up less space, less time brewing and the beer tastes amazing!