What Your Favorite Beer Style Says About You

If you find yourself reaching for the same beer type over and over again, that beer style can say a lot about what type of man (or woman) you are. Here are a few of the more popular beer styles, and what they say about you if that particular style happens to be your drink of choice.


You're a man (or woman) who truly believes, "Why fix something if it ain't broke?" You like your classics and there is nothing wrong with that. Let all these other young bucks sip on their grapefruit honey ales, because you know that a good pale ale (or American ale) is the backbone of truly great brewery. Not to be misunderstood, pale ale lovers like to branch out to other beer styles as well, and you can enjoy a unique seasonal just as well as you anyone else can, you just know that the pale ale speaks to the overall craftsmanship of a brewery, and you won't trust any brewery who can't get this beloved classic right.


You're a man's man and you probably have an impressive, unruly beard to prove it. Your off time is spent camping, hiking, or fishing... anything that gets you outdoors and in nature. Your favorite season? Winter. You readily welcome the rain, and the colder it is outside, the better. You want a beer that is as strong as you are, and the darker the better. To you, light beers might as well be alcoholic water. You are probably sipping on your favorite stoutas you train to compete in this year's Lumberjack World Championships.


You like to think of yourself as a trend setter, not a trend follower. You were enjoying IPAs long before they became the hipster beer of choice, and all these new "session" IPAs be damned. You like your IPAs hoppy and strong. On weekends, you can be found enjoying local cuisine at your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant and sampling new beers at your local brewery. And the next time someone tries to tell you how their favorite "craft beer" is Goose Island IPA, you will roll your eyes and tell them that they don't know craft beer or IPAs until they have tried one of the beers on this list. Amateurs.


If your favorite beer is a pale lager, chances are you're a college kid and you have no idea that your favorite beer is even considered a lager. That's right buddy, most commercial beers, including your beloved Natty Light, are lagers. You drink beer for the purpose of getting drunk, and you will be damned if you spend more than $20 on a thirty rack. Why would you, since you and your bros are just going to chug it all playing beer pong or doing beer bongs anyways. Party on bro... party on.


You hate all things mainstream. Starbucks? You make your own cold brew coffee at home thank you very much. Chain restaurants? No way. You want your beer style of choice to be as unique as you are, and nothing is as out there as a gose. You will always choose the path less traveled, and enjoy the beer least ordered, because you are just cool like that.