When sampling your beer should you always toss your first pour?

Today we are going to talk about sampling your beer. This is probably one of the most exciting parts about brewing, the first initial taste of your actual beer! In order to get a good first taste, you need to do one crucial thing.

Now there is a little trick when it comes to sampling to make sure you are getting a good sample of your beer.

During the brewing process, sediment will develop at the bottom of your fermenter. That is called Trub and that is the bi-production of the fermentation process. It’s a good way to know that your beer is fermenting.

For the most part, that sediment will settle below your spigot, but when you do your first sample pour you can get a few pieces in your glass. Now it does not hurt you but it does not taste all that great and does not give you a good representation of what your beer will taste like.

So when you are pouring your sample you will want to toss that first pour. That will clear the spigot area of any sediment that is sitting in there and then you can take your sample again and it will be much clear and just the beer.

Hope that helps!