Why it is important to have cold water in your LBK before you pout in your wort?

One of the most overlooked steps in our brewing process, but it is in there for a reason and is not to be overlooked. Find out what those reasons are in this episode of BrewTalk with Mr. Beer.

Adding cold water into your fermenter is a key part of our brewing process.

When you go to pour in your wort it is very hot. If you have been brewing a refill or a recipe that mixtures have been boiling for a few minutes or for 30 minutes or longer.

So if you just pour that hot liquid into your fermenter it's going to cause the fermenter to warp because the liquid is too hot. Now the structural integrity of the fermenter is damaged and it is no longer usable. And your stick with a brew and no fermenter for it.

Another reason you want to have cold water in there is for the yeast pitch. When you have your cold water in the fermenter and add your wort, then top it off with more cold water it will bring the wort down to the proper pitching temperature. Which is roughly 67-75 degrees.

If you pitch your yeast at a hot temperature it can kill the yeast and then your beer will not ferment. 

Our reason for adding cold water before you add in your wort is a way to prevent you from having to use a wort chiller or to try and make an ice bath in your sink.

Any type of brewing method you are doing whether it be all-grain, partial mash, or full extract, you need to have a way to chill your wort before pitching your yeast.

With our process, we made it easier for you so all you have to do is just add the cold water, and your good to go.

So it is a critical part of the brewing process to make sure you have cold water in your LBK.