1. Pro Tips for Brewing our 7 Clone Recipes from Craft Beer Week

    We released 7 new Recipes for Craft Beer Week. We decided to clone some of our favorite and the most popular Craft Beers in the country. Check out our pro tips for brewing these recipes.

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  2. How is Hopped Malt Extract Made?

    Hopped Malt Extract is at the base of everything that we do at Mr. Beer. If you brew with Mr. Beer you will always use hopped malt extract. How is it made exactly? The process behind the scenes is not well known so we wanted to break it down for you.

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  3. What is a Mr. Beer Refill?

    The best part about brewing with Mr. Beer is using our Refills. Now you might be wondering what exactly is a Mr. Beer Refill? Watch our Video Blog where we break it all down for you. 

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  4. Booster vs LME

    What’s the difference between booster and LME? Want to know how the impact they have on your beer? Well check out our first episode of Brew Talk with Mr. Beer and find out.

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  5. The Best Beginner Homebrew Kit

    The Best Beginner Homebrew Kit

    You have a wondrously-varied collection of kits to choose from if you are just cracking into the beer making game. I thought I’d help you out and give you the lay of the land.

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