1. What is the Reinheitsgebot?

    What is the Reinheitsgebot?

    If you have been a homebrewer for any length of time, or you’ve found yourself wandering down the vast rabbit hole of Bavarian and German brewing traditions and edicts, then you have probably heard the term “Reinheitsgebot” at least once. No, I did not just sneeze, I spoke German; say it with me “rhine-heights-geh-boat”. Very good! So, what the heck is it, what does it mean and what significance does it have today? These are all questions you may or may not have, but I have very little self-cont

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  2. Esters and Phenols in Beer. What are they, and what do they contribute? Part 1

    Esters and Phenols in Beer. What are they, and what do they contribute? Part 1

    You may or may not have heard these two terms before, but if you have brewed or even just enjoyed beer, chances are you have experienced them.

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  3. Yeast Characteristics

    Yeast Characteristics

    Have you ever wanted to know more about the yeasts we sell thorough Mr. Beer? Well, look no further because that’s what we are tackling today!

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  4. Tips to Prevent Your Spigot from Getting Clogged

    Tips to prevent your spigot from getting clogged

    This can be one of the most frustrating things in homebrewing. Your beer is all done and ready to be bottled and during the bottling process, you start to get clogs in your spigot.

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  5. How to brew with DME?

    How to brew with DME?

    Brewing with DME can be a little challenging especially if you have never used it before. I think the 1st time I tried it I had a big overflow in my pot and sickly liquid got all over the place, it took forever to clean up. After a few times, you get more use to it and it just becomes pretty easy to use.

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