Welcome to Mr. Beer's Brand Ambassador and Affiliate Program! We love brewing so much and our customers love brewing so much that we wanted to create a fun and easy way to share your Mr. Beer experience and make a little money on the side. 

It's extremely easy to use and there is no cost for enrolling the program. 

All you need to do to sign up is to create a Mr. Beer account, then after that go to the My Account dashboard and click on the Affiliate link of the left side of the page. The just follow the directions from there. 

Typically it takes us about 24-48 business hours to approve your account. Once approved you will have access to promotional materials and other items. 

If you manage a blog or website that you will be using to send traffic from please email us at [email protected] with your website URL as you may be eligible for additional affiliate programs. 

Program Setup

The program is straight forward. You will get 15% of the sale after discounts are applied and before shipping and tax are calculated. 

Once the order ships the commissions will be added to your account. Commissions can be withdrawn once you hit $25. Commissions can only be withdrawn via PayPal. 

That's It! It's simple and easy to use. 



What does it cost to join the affiliate program? 

Joining our program is absolutely free!

Can I make purchases through my own link to get commissions from the sale? 

No, purchasing through your own link will not generate commissions for you. If Mr. Beer determines that you are purchasing through your own affiliate links then we will remove you from the program. 

How do I make money? 

When someone makes a purchase through your link you will get 15% of the sale. This is of the subtotal, so after discounts and before shipping and taxes. 

When can I withdraw money? 

The minimum amount that you can withdraw in commissions is $25. You can withdraw the money anytime you have over $25.  

Do my commissions expire?  

Yes, your commissions will expire after 365 days of being issued. 

What happens if I never get to $25? Can I get store credit? 

This will be reviewed on a case by case basis from Mr. Beer. If it is determined that Mr. Beer will issue store credit in the form of a gift card. 

How will I receive payments? 

Payments will be made via PayPal. In your affiliate dashboard under settings and Payment Information please put in an email that is associated with your PayPal account. We are not able to make payments any other way.  

Do I need to have a Mr. Beer account to be an affiliate? 

Yes, the program is connected with your Mr. Beer account. Even if you will not be purchasing from Mr. Beer you still need the account.

How many orders do I get paid on? 

You only get paid on the first order the customer makes through your link. It is possible you could see commissions for $0 in your account those are additional orders the customer has placed after their first order. 

Please note we reserve the right to suspend your account or reject any withdrawals based on our discretion of how you are referring customers.