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  1. Brewery Spotlight Dragoon Brewing Co.

    In our brewery spotlight series for this week, we wanted to focus on one of our favorite local breweries, Dragoon Brewing Co. They make truly amazing beer and one of there founders Eric Greene, was once a Brewmaster for Mr. Beer and is the Head Brewer at Dragoon.

    Dragoon was started in 2011 and become one of the most successful Craft Breweries in Tucson. They are a great representation of what brewing is all about.

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  2. Why You Should Homebrew?

    Why You Should Homebrew?

    If you have ever been wondering about why you should get into homebrewing or just want to learn more about homebrewing then this is the right place to be. Throughout this post, we will go over why I think you should homebrew, the different types of brewing methods, and then of course why you should brew with Mr. Beer.  Now, you are probably wondering who the hell is this guy and why do I care what he has to say. Good point. I’m not sure that you will care what I have to say but at least a

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  • How to Choose the Best IPA Recipe What is IPA beer? India Pale Ale was not an Indian innovation, as its name might suggest. IPA was created by the British as they attempted to colonize India. The beer that Britain was sending to their troops in the East did not keep on its trip around the cape of Africa, because temperature control was not an option. To preserve the pale ale being transported by sea, the British decided to utilize additional hops and extra malt, which allowed for ...
  • How to Find the Best Pale Ale Recipe History of Pale Ale Pale ale’s story begins with coke. No, not the soda pop, the fuel. Before coke became popular, wood and peat were used to roast malt. Wood and peat give malt a brown color and deep, smoky flavor – ideal for the porters and stouts popular to England at the time. In 1642, coke, a fuel made from coal, was first used for dry roasting malt. This produced a lighter variety of malt, one which didn’t have the smoky charact...
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