FastFerment 7.9G Temperature Control Jacket

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Create the ideal temperature for brewing in your FastFerment 7.9G Conical Fermenter with this temperature control jacket. It works with the wall mounts or the FastFerment Collapsible Stand. Eliminate the need for a fridge or freezer with this easy to use temperature control jacket.

  • For those brewing in hot climates, add frozen 2L bottles to drop temperature, switching them out every 2 to 5 days.
  • For those brewing in cold climates, add a heating pad.

Find more detailed notes under "Instructions."

To easily control the temperature, use frozen 2-liter bottles as follows:

  • One frozen 1-liter bottle for 2.5 degree F drop below room temperature
  • One frozen 2-liter bottle for 5 degree F drop below room temperature.
  • Two frozen 2-liter bottles for 10 degree F drop below room temperature.
  • Three frozen 2-liter bottles for 15 degree F drop below room temperature.