Ever wonder what those fine people at Mr. Beer enjoy to drink? It’s a rough job drinking beer, day after day, after day, but someone has to put in the time. After all, we do have test every recipe before we put it up one the site! Since they are the expert beer drinkers, we thought it would be great to share what their favorite brews are and why. You may find your new favorite in this list of amazing brews or someone who enjoys the same beers that you do. Cheers!


Ashley's Picks


Canadian Blonde Deluxe Refill

This is one of my favorite refills because it’s enjoyed by almost everyone it’s served to. Because Canadian blonde is a low IBU refill it lends itself to Hop customization, extremely well. The LME Softpacks included your refill are unhoped and can be used to provide gravity in a hop boil as well without the need to boil your HME can at all, maximizing the potential for your creativity! 

Easy Peesy Blu Wheat

It’s HOT outside and this beer is exactly what you need to beat the heat. It’s super easy to make and incredibly delicious. If a Blueberry wheat beer is what you’re craving, without a lot of work, this is a fantastic and very tasty recipe.

Vacation IPA Gluten Free 

This is one of those recipes that I can never keep around when I make it, it goes fast! I love the bitter backbone that comes from simcoe hops in the boil coupled with the aroma of peaches and ripe fruit from the azaaca hops. I love how this beer develops in layered flavor as you enjoy it. It’s my vacation in a glass.

BindleStick Hoppy Wheat

This beer has the body and mouth feel of a wheat beer with the hop punch of NEIPA. Smooth and delicious with a great aroma, this is a great beer if you are looking to Segway into an IPA but not quite as bitter and still FULL of flavor.

Long Play IPA Craft Refill 

This is a great beer for parties, gathering etc. Great tasting and very easy to drink, I love how well balanced this IPA, is. Long play is also great because it’s easy to make fruit and other hop additions to, but it’s also stellar, all by itself. 

Jackson's Picks

Lock Stock and Barrel Stout

This beer knows what it is, and it is everything. All the flavours that’s fit to brew are waiting in layers to be unearthed. Rumoured to have bittersweet chocolate and banana bread with molasses butter savouring’s, the longer it’s secrets are kept, the more labyrinthine it’s revelations will be.

Angry Bovine

Opulent, chocolatey gusto combined with the lustrous satin feel that can only come with the union of cacao nibs and lactose sugar, there will be a need to keep a close eye on me, because I will drink your milkshake.

Workout Pilsner

A simple, mastered style, that through Molecular Gastronomy, can find a new place in our modern, hectic life. Not only does it require less sit-ups to enjoy, but this light-bodied elixir is a breeze to brew.

Centennial Explosion Hazy Double IPA

You know when someone heats up a slice of pepperoni pizza in the kitchen at your work, you spend the rest of your day thinking about those spicy little slices. For me, surrounded by aromatic hops, nothing else will do at the end of the day. There is a redonkulous amount of citrus, pine, and floral TNT packed in this musical clown box.


Matt's Picks


Dead & Berried Saison

I'm a huge fan of Saisons, mainly because of the yeast. Saison yeasts can produce a variety of characteristics. Fruity, herbal, citrusy, and earthy esters can be the forefront of your Saison. D & B Saison adds some delicious fruit to compliment the flavor and body, making it a drinkable any time of the year.

Light Speed Blonde

Sometime you just want to throw back a few and go on with your day, this beer is just that. A clean blonde ale with orange citrus aromas that pop effervescently. The palette is just as inviting, clean, crisp, citrusy and sessionable. This uses one of my favorite hops: Citra!

Amberosia Tripel

Another one of my favorite Belgian beer styles. It combines a wonderful farmhouse earthy aroma in a bright clean body. Sweet notes of fresh herbs and fruits follow...ending bone-dry....which makes it really crush able. Tripels may look light and bright, but they are deceivingly high in ABV, true to style.

Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout

For my go-to fall/winter beer, I love oatmeal stouts. The combination of this stouts roasty/toasty notes followed by the oats, giving it a nice smooth and luxurious body. Its goes down nicely while stoking the fireplace.


Pat's Picks


Gamayun Russian Imperial Stout

This is a mysterious beer. It has huge, intense flavors. When I first tasted it, I thought it would take months to make but you can brew it in as little as 4 weeks. I like stouts that are young because the flavors are in your face. This is a rollup of coffee, dark chocolate and caramel with enough hop bitterness to even things out. I was a little confused with the name because according to Slavic lore, Gamayun is a big bird with a woman’s face. Maybe it should be named Ostrich RIS?

Old Scratch Ale

Some say that beer is the devil. That may explain why one of the best breweries in the world is Duvel. But, this so delicious that it borders on angelic. It is a clean, golden ale with notes of fruits and spices. It is more like drinking from the Garden of Eden.

Egocentric Jerk

I like big beers, I cannot lie. This clone is so bad that I actually prefer it to the commercial version. It takes brown and strong ales to a new level with the plentiful addition of hops. By brewing it myself I can be sure to capture those upfront flavors that seem to dissipate sitting in the grocery/liquor store cooler.

Workout Pils

So, after all the big beers I do need some balance. I workout so that I can drink more beer. This is so refreshing that I feel like going the extra mile. And need I mention that is very low in calories and carbs? I’m hoping that I can get a discount on my health insurance.

Robert's Picks


Northwest Pale Ale Craft Refill

One of the first ever beers I brewed at Mr. Beer 6 years ago! This beer is one of my all-time favorites. It’s got a light body and easy to drink with that little kick of bitterness. If I can always have one beer available, this would be it.

Workout IPA

I like this beer for 3 reasons, low-cal, low-carb and high bitterness. It’s all I ever wanted in a beer. Something that is easy to drink and just packs some bitternessness. Just an all-around perfect beer in my book.

Grapefruit Crush Pale Ale Gluten Free

This thing is off the wall ridiculous. It’s got great hop flavor’s and just the perfect amount of grapefruit. Living in the desert it is the perfect beer to drink during long summer days.

Salty Dawg Gose

Sour’s are always a tough beer to brew, especially for homebrewers. This one is a refreshing sour with hits of salt and grapefruit. It’s got just enough tartness so it’s not overwhelming but that you know it’s there. If you at all enjoy sour’s you have to brew this.

5400 Second Imperial IPA

Saving the biggest and baddest for last. I might have killed a 2-gallon keg of this by myself, it’s just so good you can’t stop drinking it. This brew is a tough one to brew with a long 90-minute boil and hop additions every 5 minutes, but boy is it worth it. This is just a big beer with high ABV, ton of malt flavor and just a whole lot of bittnerness. By far one of my favorites.

Zach's Picks


Bewitched Amber Ale Refill

Thisis my favorite 'standard' refill. Easy, no extra steps, and delicious results. Malty, spicy, and just a bit of hop bite.

ChromosBeer Black Lager

This is great when you want to take the plunge and try a true lager recipe. Dry and toasty with it's a great recipe for a lager with more flavor.

Lock, Stock and Barrel Stout

Perfect for when you want a big chewy beer that will keep the cold winter nights at bay.

Let It Bee Honey Blonde Ale

An great brew for a pale, crushable ale with extra layers of flavor and a little extra kick.

Fresco Chili Lime Beer

This is great when you want a little heat to perk up those taste buds, layers of soft heat and tart lime make for a great summer slammer.