Chocolate Mint Dessert Stout

Nom Nom Dessert Stout 

Mint Stout? Why, yes please! Trust us on this one, it's way, way out of this world. A full rich malty flavor backed up by some hits of peppermint and vanilla. If you are a fan of Thin Mints, then you will love this beer. Instead of eating an entire box in one sitting you will be drinking an entire batch in one sitting. You might not remember what exactly happened but all you will know is that it was darn good and you would definitely do it again.

Looking for the ultimate dessert stout? Well, we got it for you! A sweet creamy mixture of chocolate and orange followed up with a full body and rich malty flavor. The best way to describe this beer is like eating an orange tootsie pop but with alcohol! The only thing you will be able to say after your first sip is Nom, Nom. Then before you know it you will have Nomed Nomed your way through a few bottles!can which takes this beer over the top. A must brew beer for fall and winter.


Angry Ranger IPA

Who remembers there first IPA? For most people, it had to be the New Belgium Ranger IPA, the original. The one that packed crazy amounts of bitterness into a tiny bottle. The one that was only for those true IPA fans who want bitterness on top of bitterness. Well, we were so angry that you can no longer get this beer, we decided to brew up our own! Thus, the Angry Ranger IPA was born. With 7oz of hops, this IPA packs some hardcore bitterness with some amazing hop aroma. If you are a true fan of the bitter IPA's, then this will soon be your favorite brew.erness.