Funky Pumpkin Saison

Pecan Porter

Let me take you to Funky Town! Or Funky Pumpkin Town that is. This beer is a unique take on the usual pumpkin beer. With a rich dark amber color and hits of pumpkin in the aroma and the taste. Follow that with some funky flavors from the T-58 yeast, you get one amazing beer. This will keep you grooving all through the night. So do us a solid and brew this beer, its brick house!

A Pecan Porter….mmmmmm….it is so good, like better than we thought it would be. We did think about just keeping it all for ourselves but what’s the fun in that! This is a full boded beer with some amazing flavors that would just make a great porter by itself, but then you add in a little toasted pecan which takes this beer over the top. A must brew beer for fall and winter.

Pumpkin Pie Porter

Solstice Sipper Amber Ale

What goes better than a nice piece of pumpkin pie with an awesome porter? Nothing, so we thought, Hey, why not just add them together then we can enjoy it all at one time. Nothing says fall like drinking a few bottles of Pumpkin Pie Porter and watching those leaves fall or depending on how many bottles you have the leaves could watch you fall. Either way, this is a darn good beer.

Nothing like sippin a little solstice, right, right?? Well, maybe not, no one knows what that taste like but if you could taste it than this beer would be it! With a unique blend of Sweet Orange Peal, Honey, Cinnamon and Apricot and Vanilla extract, this beer is an awesome sipper for any solstice occasion. Actually it’s just a good beer for any occasion.

Abuelita's Stout

Cinnamon Dulce Stout

You know what they say, Grandma knows best and that is spot on here. This beer is full of rich flavor and a little sweetness and a little spice, just like Grandma. Between the malt, gains, spices and just about everything in the kitchen in this bad boy you will be amazed how complex the flavors of this beer really are.

If you want to drink a cinnamon roll, which is perfectly cool, then you will want to brew this beer. The aroma and taste of this stout are crazy. It tastes and smells exactly like a cinnamon roll but in beer form, which is better!