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If you want outstanding craft beer flavor and quality, but aren’t interested in building out your own recipe just yet – search our 100+ recipes to find something tasty! Adjust your search according to your favorite beer style, ABV level, color, bitterness, price, or time to brew to locate the perfect brew.

If you enjoyed the beer you brewed with your kit and want something similar, or you’ve got a favorite Mr. Beer refill, you can also choose recipes based around each of our distinctive brewing extracts.

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  1. Crater Stout
    Crater Stout
    $23.96 Regular Price $29.95
  2. Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout Glass
    Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout
    $18.62 Regular Price $23.28
  3. Sunday Morning Coming Down Glass
    Sunday Morning Coming Down
    $17.15 Regular Price $21.44
  4. Angry Bovine Milk Stout Glass
    Angry Bovine Milk Stout
    $27.34 Regular Price $34.17
  5. Staggerback Stout
    Staggerback Stout
    $27.92 Regular Price $34.90
  6. Barley's Chocolate Orange Stout Glass
    Barley's Chocolate Orange Stout
    $17.15 Regular Price $21.44
  7. Shameless Stout Stout
    Shameless Stout
    $23.78 Regular Price $29.72
  8. Novacaine
    $54.35 Regular Price $67.94
  9. Lock, Stock, and Barrel Stout
    Lock, Stock, and Barrel Stout
    $46.53 Regular Price $58.16
  10. Shillelagh Stout
    Shillelagh Stout
    $18.82 Regular Price $23.53
  11. Double Black Diamond
    Double Black Diamond
    $33.42 Regular Price $41.78
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