Excellent beer at a modest price

Standard Refills are our most affordable refills. They come loaded with brewing extract, yeast, booster, and no-rinse cleanser.

Fill your fermenter with our classic beer styles, or choose a refill to experiment with for a new recipe. Either way, you’ll be enjoying delicious homemade beer in about a month’s time.

Standard Refills

(4 Products)
  1. $10.00 and above (4)
  1. 5%-6.9% (4)
Bitterness (IBU)
  1. 1-20 (Low Bitterness) (3)
  2. 21-30 (Moderate Bitterness) (1)
Color (SRM)
  1. (1-6) Pale (4)
  1. Flavor Profile: Balanced Recipes