The Clone Zone

One of the best parts about homebrewing is brewing your favorite commercial beers. So, that is why we created The Clone Zone. Our Brewmasters are always hard at work creating the next clone so make sure to keep an eye out for what they might be cloning next.

  1. Pennsylvania Traditional Lager
    Pennsylvania Traditional Lager
    $27.96 Regular Price $34.95
  2. Day After Day IPA
    Day After Day IPA
    $31.96 Regular Price $39.95
  3. Egocentric Jerk
    Egocentric Jerk
    $31.96 Regular Price $39.95
  4. Thomas Tank's Farmhouse Ale
    Thomas Tank's Farmhouse Ale
    $27.96 Regular Price $34.95
  5. Rusky Business
    Rusky Business
    $31.96 Regular Price $39.95
  6. 5400 Second IPA
    5400 Second IPA
    $39.96 Regular Price $49.95