What are we Brewing?

We are always brewing up something in the office. See the recipes we have going in our brew room or that we are enjoying during a long day in the office.  

  1. Thomas Tank's Farmhouse Ale
    Thomas Tank's Farmhouse Ale
    $29.71 Regular Price $34.95
  2. Breakfast Stout Eh
    Breakfast Stout Eh
    $29.71 Regular Price $34.95
  3. Workout Pils
    Workout Pils
    $16.96 Regular Price $19.95
  4. Workout IPA
    Workout IPA
    $25.46 Regular Price $29.95
  5. Canadian Blonde Deluxe Refill
    Canadian Blonde Deluxe Refill
    $21.21 Regular Price $24.95