The Brief History of Mr.Beer

Mr. Beer was born in 1993 by a Dallas inventor who wanted to make homebrewing easy and consistent.  He introduced a Barrel kit and a Pilot kit.  Each of them making approximately a case of beer each.  There were 10 types of beer that one could purchase and had classic flavors like Linebacker Bock, West Coast Pale Ale, and the signature Classic American.  The cost of the system at that time was $60.

After a few years, in 1999, the business was sold to a Tucson, AZ entrepreneur who took it to the next level. This included adding new malts, introducing recipe formulations, 800 number support, elimination of the Pilot Brewery and concentrating efforts solely on the Barrel kit.  You could say that Mr. Beer was way ahead of its time when it came to small batch brewing!  By mid 2000, Mr. Beer introduced an easier to use website, beer of the month club, and the introduction of cider.  Again, well before today's cider craze!

After over a decade of strong growth and millions of kits sold the company was acquired by the Coopers Brewery from Australia in December of 2011.  The Coopers Brewery is a family owned brewery with 150 years of experience behind them, and is the world's largest manufacturer of brewing malts and thus was born the world's # 1 home brewing powerhouse!  Mr.Beer® brewers are now able to take advantage of a unique water extraction process that uses less heat which means that the malts took a huge leap in quality.

The original 550 gram cans of hopped and unhopped malt extracts have been replaced with 850 gram cans of all malt requiring no adjunct to make a case of high quality beer. The entire malt lineup was reviewed and crafted by the brewing geniuses at Coopers. These malts have been thoroughly revised and tweaked to meet Mr.Beer's high standards of quality, ease-of-use, and flavor.

Over the past 20+ years, Mr. Beer has introduced millions of people to this great hobby.  Whether you do if for the hobby or economics of a great beer at lower cost Mr. Beer is here to help.  In fact you can also take this hobby to the next level.  Many of our brewers started with Mr. Beer and now run breweries of their own.  Rocket Republic Brewery, 903 Brewers, Black Bottle Brewery, and Anthem Brewing to name a few.  We are proud of our brewers!