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Order Questions

1. How do I log into my account?

Choose the "My Account" button in the upper right corner of our website. Please fill out your account information using the e-mail registered to your account.  Click "login" when you are finished.

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2. How do I use my Gift Card?

You may use your gift card for any order made on,, and  You may add the gift certificates to your account for future use, or you may apply them directly to an order as part of the checkout process.  If you have any questions or need help using your gift card please call us at 800-852-4263.

3. How do I apply my coupon code?

In order to redeem a coupon code first browse our site to find the items you wish to buy and add them to your Shopping Cart. On the Shopping Cart page enter the Coupon Code in the "Discount Codes" box found in the lower left side of the screen. If your order does not meet the requirements of the coupon, it will not be applied to your order.

4. What is your return policy?

Before deciding to return an item, please contact a customer service representative to discuss other possible resolutions to your situation. If you do decide to return an item, Mr. Beer will issue a refund for the purchase price less a 20% restocking fee. Mr. Beer will not refund the original shipping charges or the return shipping costs. Products must be returned in sell-able condition. To insure this, it may be necessary to repackage the order at your cost. Damaged, defective or missing items: If you receive an item that is damaged or defective please retain the box and packaging material your order came in and notify Mr. Beer within five (5) days of receiving your order. We will make every reasonable effort to resolve the situation to your satisfaction. In most cases, a replacement item will be sent out immediately. Return exceptions: Mr. Beer will not accept the return of any items after thirty (30) days and does not refund any shipping charges incurred on the initial order or for the return of an item. Product warranties: Mr. Beer guarantees all products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of purchase. If you find any product to be defective please contact us and we will work with you to resolve the issue. In order to protect the integrity of Mr.Beer products and ensure our customers receive authentic, fresh, and quality products, warranties are void on any items purchased through an unauthorized source (e.g.,, flea market, garage sales, etc.)

5. Can I purchase kits and mixes locally?

Mr. Beer; products are carried by many fine large and small retailers across the country. To locate the retailer nearest you, please visit the Store Locator section of this website. Be sure to call ahead to check on current availability.

6. Will I be charged sales tax?

Mr. Beer is required to charge sales tax on all orders originating in either Arizona or Wisconsin. Orders placed from any other location will not be charged sales tax.

7. Can I change or cancel my order?

You may change or cancel your order anytime prior to processing. In order to do so, you will need to contact one of our friendly customer service agents. Give us a call (toll free) at 1-800-852-4263, or Contact Us. We will do everything we can to accommodate your request, but keep in mind that we process orders as quickly as possible to ensure timely delivery.

8. When will my order arrive?

To find out the status of an order you've already placed, simply click here to log in to the Mr. Beer Store, then click to view your current order. If you placed your order as a "Guest Shopper" or are having trouble logging in, contact a Mr. Beer associate for assistance. For more detailed information about our shipping policy, click here.

9. How do I track my order?

To find out the status of an order you've already placed, simply click here to log in to the Mr. Beer Store, then click to view your current order. If you placed your order as a "Guest Shopper" or are having trouble logging in, contact a Mr. Beer associate for assistance.

10. Does the shipping box say "Mr.Beer" on it?

All orders ship in a plain brown box, with no logos displayed on the outside, and the shipping label indicates "Coopers DIY, LLC" as the return address.


Beer Brewing Questions

1. I lost my brewing instructions - can I download a copy?

Absolutely. You can find a printable versions of all the Mr. Beer brewing instructions under the "Instructions" tab on each applicable product page, or click here for a list of all our PDF downloads.

2. Where is my yeast?

Underneath the black plastic lid of every Mr. Beer  Brewing Extract you will find 1 packet of dry brewing yeast.

3. How long does it take to brew beer?

It takes as little as two weeks to brew the standard Mr. Beer recipe, which contains an Brewing Extract and 2 Booster™ Pouches. When you begin brewing recipes that contain additional ingredients, more brewing time may be required. Some of the most complex recipes can take up to 6 months before they are ready to enjoy. In general, most beers taste better if you allow extra time for fermenting and conditioning.

4. What do I need to make beer?

Brewing beer is an amazing hobby because there are so many different methods you can use to make your home brew. Whether you are using a 2-gallon fermenter and naturally carbonating in 1-liter bottles or you are using a 10-gallon fermenter and force carbonating 5-gallon kegs, the end result should always be great tasting beer. With Mr. Beer you need only a few things to make some of the most amazing beer you have ever tasted.

1) Brew Keg -- The brew keg is where fermentation occurs, turning sugars into alcohol.

2) Brewing Extract -- Mr. Beer Brewing Extracts contain all the essential ingredients needed to make beer- malted grain in extract form and hops, plus they include a dry ale yeast packaged under the plastic lid. All you add is water.

3) Booster™ or Unhopped Malt Extract (UME) -- These ingredients add the additional sugars needed to create the appropriate amount of alcohol. Booster™ simply adds the required sugar, and UMEs add the required sugar and additional flavor.

4) One-Step™ Sanitizing Cleanser -- The most important key to making great beer is proper sanitization. OneStep™ assures a sterile environment every time you brew.

5) Bottles -- In order to carbonate, store and serve your beer you will need bottles. Mr. Beer sells 1-liter PET bottles that are perfect for bottling your beer.

When you purchase a Home Brewing Kit from Mr. Beer, all the essential ingredients you will need to make your first batch of beer will be included along with a brewing guide that contains much more detailed information about the beer making process.

5. Is it okay to open the fermenter during fermentation?

No. You can easily introduce a rogue organism that may sour the beer. The best thing to do is trust that your yeast is functioning perfectly. If you want to check on the activity level of the beer, shine a strong flashlight on the outside of the keg to see if fine bubbles are still rising, or if there is yeast foam still floating on the beer.

6. How do I brew with hops?

When brewing with hops, it's best to place them in a sanitized muslin hop sack to minimize hop particles in your finished beer. Tie off the open end of the sack, and place it in your boiling water just before removing the heat. Proceed as usual, leaving your hop sack in the fermenter for the entire fermentation, unless your recipe directs you otherwise. Just throw it away after bottling your beer -- it's not reusable.

7. After seven days my beer is still cloudy. Can I bottle it yet?

Hold off just a little longer. Sometimes the fermentation takes a little longer than expected, especially when brewing at cooler temperatures, or when brewing with extra fermentable sugars or old yeast. In some cases, fermentation may take up to three or four weeks before your beer is ready to bottle.

8. Does the brew keg have an airlock?

The Mr. Beer brew keg does not have a traditional "airlock". However, the brew keg has been specially designed to automatically release CO2 and keep out contaminants. Positive pressure produced during the fermentation process keeps airborne contaminants from entering the brew keg. For best results, keep the brew keg at a constant temperature for the entire duration of the fermentation process.

9. Can I filter my beer?

Beer filtration is a tricky thing for the home brewer, requiring pressurized cylinders and high pressure filter plates. Filtering through coffee filters or cheesecloth will only produce aerated beer and cause spoilage. The easiest way to get the clearest beer is to give the beer ample time to settle in the fermenter and do not disturb the fermenter during bottling.

10. Can I reuse the Mr. Beer bottles and caps?

With the appropriate care and cleaning you can reuse your bottles and caps many times. You should always check your bottles for internal scratches that can harbor unwanted bacteria, and always make sure the caps' threads are not stripped or damaged in anyway. As long as you take care of your bottles and keep a close eye on their condition, you shouldn't have any problems reusing them.


-- The ring that snaps off of the Mr. Beer caps the first time they are used is a tamper proofing ring for commercial use, and will not affect the seal of future batches.

11. Will the brew be okay to make if the can is past the ‘Best Before’ date?

Mr. Beer Kits contain hopped liquid malt extract. Liquid malt extract darkens over time and develops toffee/molasses like aromas. This process is accelerated when temperature is increased. This is not such a bad thing with intentionally dark brews but may be undesirable with lighter styles. If you want to brew a beer past its Best Before date (out of curiosity or otherwise) it’s worth getting fresh yeast from a Home Brew Store to ensure that the brew ferments thoroughly.

12. Are Mr.Beer Products Kosher?

Yes! Please find all of our certifications below:

    Kosher Certificate

    Halal Certificate

    BRC Certificate

    ISO 9001 Certificate

    HACCP Certificate


Hard Cider Questions

1. Can I brew beer in my cider keg (or cider in my beer keg)?

Yes, you can brew beer in your cider keg, and cider in your beer keg. If you brew beer in your cider keg, be extra sure to keep your fermenter away from direct sunlight, as exposure to U.V. light can cause 'skunky' off-flavors in your beer. Don't worry though, cider is unaffected by light.

2. Can I use Booster™ in my cider?

Yes, you can use a pouch of Booster™ as a substitute for 1 1/2 cups of sugar in any recipe. Because it is slightly less fermentable than regular sugar, your cider brewed with Booster™ will be just a little bit sweeter (with slightly less alcohol) than if you used regular table sugar.

3. Can I use regular apple juice to make my cider?

Some apple juices make excellent cider, others not so much. Do so at your own risk. If you want to try, be sure to use pasteurized, preservative-free juice (all natural is best). Keep in mind that cider brewed from pure juice will have more or less alcohol by volume than Mr. Beer cider.

4. Is the cider gluten free?


5. How long will the cider last?

It depends on how strong you make it. Generally, it will keep for about 6 months. Stronger ciders will keep a little longer.

6. Can I make a pear (or other fruit) cider?

Flavoring your cider with other fruit is fun and easy. Use whole or pureed fruit, and be sure that it doesn't contain preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Canned fruit is usually best, since it has been pasteurized. Raw or fresh fruit is not recommended, as there are wild yeast and bacteria in the flesh that may cause your cider to spoil.

7. My cider is still cloudy after 2 weeks. Can I bottle it now?

Taste the cider. If it is tart and dry (like dry white wine) it is ready to bottle. It will clear up in the bottle, once you put it in the fridge. If your cider is still sweet, allow it to ferment for another week before tasting it again.

8. Do I have to bottle my cider, or can I just drink it out of the keg?

Even if you want to drink uncarbonated cider, we recommend bottling it. If the cider sits on the sediment for too long (more than about 4 weeks), it will begin to pick up off flavors.

9. Can I use fresh fruit in my cider?

We don't recommend using fresh fruit to flavor your cider, since the flesh of fresh fruit contains bacteria and wild yeast that may cause your cider to spoil.

10. Is there a cider yeast that works at lower temperatures?

There is not another cider brewing yeast available, but you may want to try an ale yeast strain (such as the dry brewing yeast or liquid ale yeast). These yeast strains will work at slightly lower temperatures, and will produce a cider that is a bit sweeter, with less fruity flavor than cider yeast strain. We don't recommend using a lager yeast strain for cider.

Root Beer Questions

1. What's the yeast for?

Yeast eats the sugar in the root beer and makes carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide then gets trapped inside the root beer and gives it its "bubbly" personality. If you did not use yeast, your root beer would be flat.

2. Are my bottles going to burst?

The specially designed safety caps were created to prevent the root beer bottles from bursting. When the bottles build up too much pressure, the caps open just enough to bleed off the excess gas. However, if you ever see a bottle begin to bulge, ask an adult to slowly open the bottle to release the pressure.

3. Some bottles have become firm, others have not. What's up?

First, too much sanitizer residue left in your bottles may kill some yeast, making carbonation very slow or impossible. Follow the cleaning instructions carefully and make sure that the bottles are completely empty before filling them with root beer. Second, an uneven distribution of yeast in the root beer mixture may be the cause. This means that one bottle may not have enough yeast to carbonate. Make sure the root beer ingredients are mixed very well and do not let the mixture settle before adding it to the bottles.

4. Why does the time it takes to carbonate the root beer vary?

The root beer will begin to carbonate sooner if the root beer is warmer than 95°F, and later if the root beer is cooler. Also, the air temperature during carbonation will affect the speed at which the bottles become firm. Root beer will carbonate faster in a warm environment and slower in a cooler environment.

5. Why does My Root Beer taste "strange?"

There are two things that may have caused your root beer to have off flavors. If you did not carefully clean all your utensils with the cleanser, you may have a build-up of bacteria, which can cause all kinds of funky flavors to form in your root beer. Make sure you clean everything very well with the included cleanser. Next, if you do not refrigerate your root beer soon enough, the yeast will eat too much of the sugar and cause the root beer to taste bad. Make sure to refrigerate your bottles as soon as they become firm.

6. Why isn't my Root Beer very foamy?

Store-bought root beer is force carbonated and has chemical additives to produce the foam. Mr.Rootbeer® is more traditional, in that it is naturally carbonated and contains no chemical additives. Mr.Rootbeer's recipe produces less foam and bubbles but gives a much smoother, creamier tasting root beer.

7. What happens if I don't refrigerate my Root Beer at the right time?

Refrigerating at the correct time is the most important step in the root beer making process. In short, refrigerating too soon will give you a flat but good tasting root beer, but refrigerating too late will give you bad tasting root beer or bursting bottles!

8. What is that at the bottom of my root beer bottle?

It is inactive yeast, and may be noticeable in every bottle. This is a normal byproduct of the carbonation process, and is perfectly harmless to drink.

9. Am I supposed to have extra yeast?

Yes, you will have leftover yeast when you are finished making all of your root beer. The yeast can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 30 days. Fold and tape package shut.

10. Does my root beer contain alcohol, caffeine and/or gluten?

Yeast produces a small amount of alcohol as a byproduct of the carbonation process. When the Mr.Rootbeer™ instructions are followed, very little alcohol is created and it cannot be tasted.

Your root beer is naturally caffeine- and gluten-free.