1. Brewing Tools Every Mr. Beer Brewer Needs

    If you are looking to really crush your brewing process and make the best quality beer you can every single time, then there are a few essential tools we think every homebrewer needs.

    These tools will help make your brewing day flow a little better and could even help you make better beer.

    The tool I wanted to discuss is a hydrometer. This is useful as it will help you calculate the ABV of your brew and will also let you know when your beer is done fermenting. You will take an OG

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  2. Brew Now Enjoy for the 4th of July

    Brew Now Enjoy for the 4th of July

    One awesome thing about homebrewing is brewing beer and sharing it with friends and family during celebrations. There is no better time to do that than during holidays and celebrations.

    The 4th of July is right around the corner, so if you want to brew up some new batches, you need to get to brewing now to enjoy it for the 4th.

    So, we picked some of our favorite recipes that we like to drink during this amazing holiday.

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  3. How to increase the ABV in your homebrew?

    Everyone is always looking for a way to get more bang for their buck. So kicking up the ABV in your homebrew is a great way to drink less beer and get your buzz on. So we got some great items you can use during brew day to increase the abv of your beer.

    There are a few things that we should point out before we get started.

    We always recommend brewing our refills or recipes as is, especially if you are a new brewer! You want to make sure to follow the directions and get the processes

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  4. What is the difference between LME & DME?

    If you are looking to create your own masterpiece or just dive into brewing some recipes you are going to notice two main adjusts. Those are DME & LME. Well, we break down what their difference is and how to best use them.

    When talking about DME & LME we are only really talking about one main difference between them. One is dry and one is liquid. Dry Malt Extract and Liquid Malt Extract. Besides the name and substance difference the only other differences are how you use them and

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  5. 5 Beers to Try This Summer

    5 Beers to Try This Summer

    Looking for some “new” brews to cool down with this Summer? If so, start here! Below, you find 5 great commercial summer beers AND if you enjoy them, we’ve also included a Mr. Beer recipe that is similar for you to brew all year long!



    “A true summertime classic, you can’t go wrong with a shandy. Traditionally brewed using a blend of beer and lemonade, they make for an option that’s as balanced, flavorful, and thirst-quenching as drinks com

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