1. 4 Tips to Become an Expert Homebrew

    4 Tips to Become an Expert Homebrew

    We thought we would share our best advice or tips to help make you an expert homebrewer. These are not secrets by any means but are simple tips that can help you brew good beer and maybe a good refresher for the seasoned homebrewer.

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  2. The Ancient History of Beer

    The Ancient History of Beer

    It is no secret to most, that our beloved beer has quite a colorful and long history. Have you ever wondered exactly how long though? Maybe you have never asked yourself “where did beer come from?” or maybe you have, either way, you can count on the fact that if you are reading this. I am going to tell you! Pull up a comfortable chair, pour an ice-cold mug of homebrew and come along with me for a journey through the history of my favorite beverage, BEER!

    Most of us are aware that beer has

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  3. Why you should not batch prime with Mr. Beer

    Batch priming refers to the process of adding your priming sugar (sugar which creates carbonation) to the entire "batch" of beer, instead of the individual bottles. Fans of batch priming list simplicity and consistent carbonation from bottle to bottle as the primary benefits. 

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  4. Why You Should Homebrew?

    Why You Should Homebrew?

    If you have ever been wondering about why you should get into homebrewing or just want to learn more about homebrewing then this is the right place to be. Throughout this post, we will go over why I think you should homebrew, the different types of brewing methods, and then of course why you should brew with Mr. Beer.  Now, you are probably wondering who the hell is this guy and why do I care what he has to say. Good point. I’m not sure that you will care what I have to say but at least a

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  5. Beer Brined Turkey

    Beer Brined Turkey

    Thanksgiving is around the corner… How could we forget? We cannot! That pumpkin spice malarkey is everywhere, *said in a tone that implies my sanity is fleeting*.

    So how do you bring your beer into your Thanksgiving feast, without spiking it with pumpkin and besides drinking it as a meal accompaniment? Well my fine, beer-drinking, friend… What about letting that fat bird (the one that did not get pardoned), take a swim in your BEER? You hear that? That is angels singing because this rec

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