Beer Facts

There are many really interesting beer related information. Maybe not so much facts, but let's give it a go.

1. Beer is one of the oldest prepared beverages dating back as far as 9500 BC

2. Typically beer has been about 5% alcohol and it varies a great deal. However the strongest as of this writing is Brewmeister's Snake Venom coming in at a gut wrenching 67.5% alcohol.

3. The world record for drinking a liter of beer is held by Pennsylvania's own Steven Petrosino. He downed the chilly beverage in 1.3 seconds back in 1977 according to Guiness Book of World Records.

4. Beer prevents the formation of kidney stones according to a published report in American Journal of Epidemiology. 

5. Beer commercials in the USA do not actually show people consuming beer. 

6. The Czech Republic leads beer drinkers around the world with a yearly consumption of 40 gallons a year. Cheers!

7. Traditional Vikings believe that when they die, Valhalla has a giant goat whose udders give unlimited supply of beer instead of milk!

8. Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass. 

9. Right now, as you are reading this, 50 million people are drunk around the world. At any given time, it is estimated that 0.7% of the world population is drunk. 

10. A lot is said about the current changes in the marijuana laws, well the hops in beer come from the same family of flowering plants as Marijuana. 

Lastly, and probably more and more difficult to accepts is that beer is made of 4 things. Water, barley, yeast and hops. In 1516, Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria, decreed that beer should only have those 4 (originally not including yeast) ingredients. TImes have changed in the past 20 years that have shown the best beers coming from America and other craft beer locations. The brewing culture got a bit paralyzed with that antiquated 500 year old "law." If you ask anyone on the street if they like Blue Moon or Bud Light, you would be hard pressed to tell them that the German beer law would not accept them as real beer. In the traditional sense, those ingredients form the high quality beers that you do know and love. Today, we introduce many other ingredients that can make your own beers wonderful, even if they don't abide by the German "Reinheitsgebot" purity law.