It is difficult to know how far ago beer was invented, but we do know that the alcoholic beverage dates back pretty far. Hunter gatherers probably stumbled upon the brew by having their grains sitting in an open container and the fermentation process naturally occured. As time went on, not only did the beer type beverage thrive, it became a safe beverage to drink because it preserve well with the hop additions or other items that the earlier brewers use. Here is a timeline of events with approximate dates.

9500 BC - Older prepared beverage comparable to beer is brewed.

3500 BC - Writings and Pottery found with which beer was brewed in.

2250 BC - Documented beer brewed in Egypt

2000 BC - The oldest peice of epic world literature, The Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, mentions beer

1700 BC - The Code of Hammurabi documents laws on regulating beer in Babylon

800 BC - Beer brewed in German

23 BC - Chinese brew abeer called "Kiu"

770 AD - Beer brewed in France as King Charlemange appoints brewers.

1000 AD - Hops added to beer brewing process

1200 AD - Ale and Lagers first distinguised commericially with Germans preferring cold temperature lagers and English warm ales

1420 AD - Germans perfect the lager method of brewing

1490 AD - Columbus found Indians making a beer from corn and black birch sap leading the way to Mr. Beer Black Ale recipe.

1516 AD - German brewing guilds develop purity laws governing brewing process to include barley, hops and water. (Yeast added later)

1553 AD - Beck's Brewery founded

1587 AD - Beer first brewed at Sir Walter Raleigh's colony but it was just not good enough so they requested better beer from England. They obviously did not know about Mr. Beer yet.

1620 AD - Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock as they were close to running out of beer. If they knew about Mr. Beer and how easy it is to make, they could have made it further down the coast.

1757 AD - George Washington wrote out his personal recipe "To Make Small Beer."

1786 AD - Molson brewery was founded in the north to be later known as Canada. Mr. Beer would use this for its Canadian Blonde Recipe.

1810 AD - Munich establishes Oktoberfest as an official celebration and Mr. Beer later used that as its inspiration for Oktoberfest Vienna Lager.

1829 AD - America's oldest brewery, Yuengling, is founded. 

1842 AD - Pilsen, Bohemia is the location where the first Golden Lager is produced. Mr. Beer's introduction of the Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner salutes this great day.

1876 AD - Pasteur unlocks the fermentation process and clarifies the role of yeast in the fermentation process. He has a process named after himself called pasteurization allowing the stabilization of beers.

1890(s) AD - Pabst becomes the first US brewer to sell over 1 million barrels of beer in a year. And here many US millenials thought Pabst was something new.

1933 AD - Prohibition threatens to end US beer brewing.

1935 AD - 160 breweries survive the Prohibition and start brewing again as the first beer can is introduced.

1938 AD - Elise Miller becomes the first and only woman to head a major brewing company and did so for 8 years.

1966 AD - Budweiser is the first beer brand to sell 10 million barrels of beer in a year. 

1969 AD - Neil Armstrong lands on the moon and states " That's one small step for man and one giant leap for beer kind."  Or somthing like that. Either way, it was an important day.

1988 AD - Asahi Super Dry in Japan creates a new "Dry" beer catagory and Michelob soon follows

1993 AD - Mr Beer is founded

1995 AD - Approximately 500 breweries operating producing over 180 million barrels of beer a year in the United States.

1999 AD - Mr Beer introduces what would soon to be known as the LBK and selling over 3 million units since its introduction

2000 AD - Mr Beer uses the Yahoo shopping cart to bring the first recipes for sale enmass to consumers and is widely praised!

2006 AD - Craft beer is beginning it climbs as many Mr. Beer brewers perfect the artform and start to open their own breweries. These will soon be known as Craft Breweries. 1370 breweries exist at this time.

2012 AD - The number of craft breweries number 2750 total and coincides with the introduction of the new Mr. Beer 850 gram home brewing cans. This will soon lead to even more people learning about home brewing

2016 AD - The number of craft brewies rocket to 5,301 total.

2017 AD - Craft beer brands Blue Moon, Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, New Belgium and Leinenkugel's lead the charge as the best selling brands in the US. Homebrewing with Mr. Beer is made easy with simple recipes to replicate all of those great beers.

2019 AD - Mr. Beer leads the charge into the new year with new recipes and ready to take on the world.