It’s that time of the year again, the weather is starting to cool off and its pumpkin everything as far as the eye can see. Whatever your feelings are on pumpkins taking over the world, one place they do belong in is beer. These pumpkin homebrew recipes are amazing! If you are not a fan of pumpkin beers, these will change your mind. After a sip of one of these brews you will be in pumpkin gear 24/7 and the biggest supporter of pumpkin everything. Cheers!


Pumpkin Rising Spiced Amber Ale


Pumpkin Weissbier



Good gourd, almighty! This beer has that pie flavor and aroma that has been so elusive in many pumpkin beers. Baking the pumpkin to caramelize the flavors, then adding it and the spices after fermentation is complete, really enhances the flavors so they shine most brightly against the malt back drop. With a thick, creamy head and a lingering spice finish, this is truly a beer with which to celebrate the holidays in style!

“Spookily good, this refreshing weissbier will remind you of everything good about fall. Much like the colors changing with the season, this brew will change in flavor both over the course of the conditioning period, and over the course of drinking a bottle as the brew begins to warm up. Take time to experience the complexities of this fantastic beer while admiring the changing foliage.

Punkin Lager


Pumpkin Spice Ale


Enjoy the crisp and rebellious taste of this festive lager. It's like drinking the very best things about a delicious pumpkin pie, but in beer form. Win win!

Cool breezes signal that a change in season is afoot. With cooler temperatures, you long for the comforting flavors for which Autumn is so famous. Pumpkin and spice against a background of golden malt with a dash of peppery zing....

Pumpkin Pie Porter


Funky Pumpkin Saison 


What goes better than a nice piece of pumpkin pie with an awesome porter? Nothing, so we thought, Hey, why not just add them together then we can enjoy it all at one time. Nothing says fall like drinking a few bottles of Pumpkin Pie Porter and watching those leaves fall or depending on how many bottles you have the leaves could watch you fall. Either way, this is a darn good beer.

Let me take you to Funky Town! Or Funky Pumpkin Town that is. This beer is a unique take on the usual pumpkin beer. With a rich dark amber color and hits of pumpkin in the aroma and the taste. Follow that with some funky flavors from the T-58 yeast, you get one amazing beer. This will keep you grooving all through the night. So do us a solid and brew this beer, its brick house!