Red Wheat Flakes

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Each packet contains 4oz. of flakes

This is unmalted wheat that has been dehusked, steamed, and then rolled between heated rollers to form flakes. The cooking and rolling process "gelatinizes" the starches, making them readily soluble and digestible by the enzymes in the mash. This allows the flakes to be added directly to the mash without any special treatment.

Flaked Wheat greatly increases body and head retention in most any beer. Use in small quantities to prevent haze. Use 1-4 oz in ales, 2-6 oz in wheat beers.

Can be steeped or mashed.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are not going to use these grains right away, we recommend that you refrigerate the packets to preserve freshness.

For more information on steeping and mashing grains into your brew, check out our blog article, Steeping and Mashing Grains 101

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