Beer Types

  1. Blending Your Beer

    Blending Your Beer

    Blending beer is a way to make new what you’ve already got. You can blend different beer styles, barrel-aged and non-barrel-aged beers, portions of each batch of the same recipe, or various ages of the same recipe. Make a new beer that is even more delicious than its various parts.

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  2. Smooth, Creamy, Decadent Pastry Stouts

    Smooth, Creamy, Decadent Pastry Stouts

    It’s that time of year again when we crave bold, boozy, and indulgent beers that warm us in the colder weather. Pastry stouts made a large impression last winter, with vocal critics and fans popularizing this new name for a recognizable stout sub-category that consumers were loving.

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  3. What is a Cream Ale?

    What is a Cream Ale?

    Cream ales are silky, drinkable, and perfect for warmer weather. But let's get one thing straight – they do not contain milk products. Cream simply refers to the smooth mouthfeel of this cold-fermented ale.

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  4. Know Your Ales

    Know Your Ales

    In your pursuit of beer knowledge, collected to ensure you enjoy every tall glass of rich suds you drink, you are sure to deal with the ales vs. lagers split. If you want to know what all qualifies as an ale, you've come to the right blog. 

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  5. The Hazy IPA

    The Hazy IPA

    Hazy IPAs have been trending for the last few years, and though they've carved out a substantial space in the craft beer world, they are a nameless darling that can be tricky to ask for at your local beer spot.

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