Craft Beer

  1. Enhancing Your Belgian Beers: Making Candi Sugar at Home

    Enhancing Your Belgian Beers: Making Candi Sugar at Home

    What Exactly Is Candi Sugar, And How Does It Benefit My Beer?

    The process of making candi sugar involves inverting, then caramelizing sugar syrups at high temperatures, which results in a range of colors and flavors. This caramelization process can produce a variety of sugars with different characteristics, allowing brewer to tailor the sugar to their specific beer recipes.

    Simply put, inverting sugar is the process of breaking down complex sugars, such as sucrose,

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  2. Brewery Spotlight Dragoon Brewing Co.

    In our brewery spotlight series for this week, we wanted to focus on one of our favorite local breweries, Dragoon Brewing Co. They make truly amazing beer and one of there founders Eric Greene, was once a Brewmaster for Mr. Beer and is the Head Brewer at Dragoon.

    Dragoon was started in 2011 and become one of the most successful Craft Breweries in Tucson. They are a great representation of what brewing is all about.

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  3. Microbrew vs. Craft vs. Independent Craft

    Microbrew vs. Craft vs. Independent Craft

    In the mid-2000s, those who wanted to distinguish their beer taste from that of the masses requested "microbrews" (made by "microbreweries") when they were in search of tastier beer. Microbreweries represented an alternative attitude toward beer. 

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  4. The Top 4 Myths of Dark versus Light Beer

    The Top 4 Myths of Dark versus Light Beer

    In the beer world, there are a couple of myths that are circulated so frequently that you may have begun believing them. They have become a part of beer marketing even. 

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  5. What Makes Beer Sessionable?

    What Makes Beer Sessionable?

    With craft beer becoming increasingly popular over time, more and more beers are hitting the double-digit-ABV range, with some even reaching up to 20 percent ABV. Having just one bottle of this boozy beer might have you headed straight to bed! This spawned a need for a lighter, more drinkable beer, and the comeback of the "session

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