Homebrewing Tips

  1. What is Kveik yeast?

    What is Kveik yeast?

    You probably have heard of this word, or maybe you have not until today, so let’s go ahead and answer the question in our title, first; “What is Kveik yeast?”. The very simplest explanation is that “Kveik” refers (currently) to about 3, brewer’s yeast strains that are native to Norway, specifically. Now, that is the short definition, but Kveik gets much more interesting than that! I field many questions about Kveik yeasts, every summer because, unlike most other brewing yeasts, it can tolerat

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  2. How to Make Non-Alcoholic Beer

    How to Make Non-Alcoholic Beer

    Alright, that is it! If I had a dollar for every time, I was asked about making NA homebrew, I could buy a lot of commercial NA beer! Seriously though, it comes up ALL THE TIME, so I thought, “ya know what? Let’s just go ahead and oblige these fine people, already.” So here we stand; you excited? Don’t answer that or do if the answer is “yes”. Moving right along… heh, heh, heh.

    What you may not know is that most NA beer starts as “regular” beer containing alcohol. That means that your a

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  3. How To Make Beer

    How To Make Beer

    The process of making beer is very straightforward. I think what can be intimidating is if you have been to any brewery and seen the giant tanks and houses and stuff going everywhere, but when you understand the process it is very simple, especially with Mr. Beer.

    The 3 basic steps for homebrewing are prepare, brew, and bottle. I’ll break down each one of these in detail below.

    Step 1- Prepare

    This step refers to gathering all of your brewing equipment and ingredients t

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  4. How to use a bottling wand & what are the benefits of using one?

    How to use a bottling wand & what are the benefits of using one?

    The bottling wand is a very useful tool. We often get asked how to use it and is it required to use it. It is not required to be used in the bottling process, but it makes the process a whole lot easier.

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  5. Beer Bread Recipe

    Beer Bread Recipe

    Here we go again… I have decided to bring you yet another beer-bread recipe! To be fair, you asked for it! You might be saying “but Ashley, you already gave us the most spectacular trub bread recipe and we plan to canonize you for it…” Okay, okay, so you probably aren’t saying that “exactly” but who’s checking? Anyway, this truly is a BEER bread, as beer will be providing most of your wet volume in the recipe.

    This BEER BREAD is hearty and flavorful so don’t expect it to be just like t

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