Brew Talk with Mr. Beer

  1. The Best Type of Water to Use for Your Homebrew

    This is a question we get asked quite often. Water is a big part of the homebrewing process, so you want to make sure you are using the right water to get the best beer.

    The types of water I am going to discuss are tap water, distilled water, RO Water, filtered water, well water and rain water.

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  2. What is Dry Hopping and How Does it Affect Your Brew?


    We have all heard of dry hopping, it seems to be a popular term in homebrewing and in craft beer. What exactly is dry hopping and how does it affect your beer? We break it all down is this week’s episode of Brew Talk with Mr. Beer.

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  3. How to Keep Your Fermenter Cool During Summer

    It’s officially summer! With that comes the heat and unfortunately it might make it difficult to brew with that heat. We have firsthand experience with this being in Tucson, Arizona. We have a few months with temperatures over 100 degrees! That’s why we wanted to share our best ideas at keeping your fermenter cool for summer.  

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  4. Live at Homebrew Con 2019!

    We went live at Homebrew Con 2019 to give you the scoop of what it is about and what goes on. It's a great place to learn more about brewing, talk with other homebrewers and drink some great beer!

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  5. Brewing With Beano and How It Affects Your Beer

    Looking to brew an easy Brut IPA or a low carb, low calorie beer? In this episode we talk about the effects of using Beano in your beer and what benefits it can give you.

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