Lagers, Light Beers and Pilsners, all fall into the lager family. It is a term that we use loosely to help categorize beers into styles. Not everyone is going to know what a Pilsner is, but everyone knows the term, lagers. If you are a fan of easy-drinking light beers, then this is for you. Lager style beers are clean, crisp and extremely refreshing. They can also be doctored up with some hops, or unique yeasts and other adjuncts to add more flavor. Let us take you on a magical lager brewing journey.

The actual term lager comes from the German word “lagern” which means to store. Lagering is storing your beer at a cold temperature for a length of time. Today Lagers are beers that are brewed at colder temperature using lager yeast. Some of the most popular beers in the world are lager-style beers. The style can range in a variety of colors from light beers like Pilsners to dark lagers like Dunkels. One characteristic that all these beers share is that they are easy to drink with a clean taste and a crisp finish.

We offer several different styles of our Standard Refills that we would consider Lager styles. If you are new to brewing or just starting out, we would recommend brewing these Refills at first to help you get a better understanding of the brewing process and determine what styles you like the best. We have a lot to choose from.

Our Recipes are a combination of different ingredients to create a unique beer. All our recipes have been designed and created by one of our Brewmasters. If you are a fan of traditional beer styles and enjoy something easy to drink, then these recipes are for you. We would recommend brewing the following 4 recipes in order to experience different flavors and step up your brew game along the way. If you’ve got a few brews under your belt, then dive on in and let’s get brewing.