You Can't Beat the Wheat

When you want something refreshing without too much bitterness, wheat beer is the answer. It often has more of a fruity character and is highly quaffable. Whether you want a German style Weissbier, Belgian Wit or good old American Wheat, you’ll find what you are looking for here.

  1. Bavarian Weissbier Standard Refill
    Bavarian Weissbier Standard Refill
    $16.96 Regular Price $19.95
  2. Bavarian Weissbier Deluxe Refill
    Bavarian Weissbier Deluxe Refill
    $21.21 Regular Price $24.95

Extract Plus Recipes

Partial Mash
  1. Bindlestick Hoppy Wheat
    Bindlestick Hoppy Wheat
    $21.21 Regular Price $24.95
  2. Black Moon Weizen Glass
    Black Moon Dunkelweizen
    $29.71 Regular Price $34.95
  3. Whispering Wheat Hefeweizen Glass
    Whispering Wheat Hefeweizen
    $25.46 Regular Price $29.95