Best Summer Beers

It’s getting good and hot out there. Your favorite beers have likely changed, and what you are able to brew at home considering the rising temperatures has surely changed. But don't be discouraged, we created this guide to help you navigate the challenges of summer while keeping a cold one in your palm.

Summertime Drinking

A summer beer should be:

  • refreshing
  • well-carbonated
  • light(er) on the alcohol

So reach for:

Best Summer Beers

Cream Ale

  • smooth and creamy
  • "lawnmower beer"
  • IBUs 8-20
  • ABV 4.2-5.6% 


Naughty Cream Ale, Suava Java Cream Ale, Dad's Favorite Cream Ale, or Chug-a-lugger


Best Summer Beers

California Common

  • malty, dry and carbonated
  • similar to an American Amber Ale
  • IBUs 30-45
  • ABV 4.5-5.5% 


Foggy Days California Common, or Sutter's Gold


Best Summer Beers


  • crisp with subtle fruit & hops
  • fresh, delicate character
  • IBUs 18-30
  • ABV 4.4-5.2% 


Shade Tree Kolsch


Best Summer Beers


  • spicy, dry and fizzy
  • somewhere between a Belgian Blonde Ale and a Belgian Tripel
  • IBUs 20-35
  • ABV 5.0-7.0% 


Saison du Miel



Summertime Brewing


You don't have to give up on your homebrewing hobby just because of the sweltering summer. These three yeasts can take additional heat, with Saison boasting the highest temperature range - up to 85 degrees!

1. Saison yeast - Temp. Range 63-85°F

Lends the spicy, peppery esters that define the Saison style, and gives a fruity farmhouse ale-like flavor to your finished beer. Ferments quickly with high attenuation and high alcohol tolerance. (In our store, this is the Belle Saison Dry Brewing Yeast).

We'd suggest brewing...

Saison du Miel {dry, spicy, peppery}

2. Belgian yeast - Temp. Range 59-75°F

High ester, spicy and peppery flavor profile, and the ability to tolerate high alcohol conditions (up to 11.5% v/v). (In our store, this is the Safbrew T-58 Dry Ale Yeast).

We'd suggest brewing...

Pumpkin Spice Ale {peppery, warm pumpkin, golden malt}

Gigantor Quad {rich malt, dark fruit, spicy}

Wit Your Whistle {spicy, herbal, citrusy}

Leggy Blond Belgian {subtle, floral, peppery}

Brigid's Blonde {biscuity, subtle hops, subtle fruit}

Abbey Dubbel {malty, dried fruit, dry}

Amberosia Tripel {spicy, fruity, light}

3. Wheat yeast - Temp. Range 59-75°F

Produces subtle, estery and phenol flavor notes typical of authentic German wheat beers. (In our store, this is the Safbrew WB-06 Dry Wheat Yeast).

We'd suggest brewing...

Belgian Blanc {light, citrusy, spicy}

Black Moon Weizen {malty, banana, clove}

Velvet Elvis {malty, toasty, banana}

Pumpkin Weissbier {spicy, pumpkin, creamy}

Whispering Wheat Hefeweizen {spicy, banana, clove}

Wild Wheat {bready, clean, subtle hops}

Cherry Wheat {smooth, tart, malty}

Raspberry Wheat {cloudy, juicy, spicy}

Rhapsody on Blue {malty, smooth, sweet}