Food Pairings

  1. Beer Battered Asparagus

    Beer Battered Asparagus

    I can’t believe it! It is nearly Spring already! When I think of warmer months on the horizon, I think of cold beer, springtime activities with the family, and great food! Speaking of great food, if you have a hard time finding reasons to eat your veggies, this beer-battered asparagus recipe might just change your mind. Paired with a tangy and refreshing dipping sauce, you might not have to bribe anyone to eat these!

    What you need:

    1 bunch of medium-sized asparagus w

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  2. Beer Gravy

    Last year, around this time, I brought you a recipe for “Beer Brinded Turkey” This year, I couldn’t help but think I was missing a piece of the puzzle, and then it occurred to me, “THAT TURKEY NEEDS GRAVY!”

    Not only does the turkey need gravy, but it needs BEER GRAVY, specifically. The beer isn’t even the “best” part of this recipe, it’s also super simple to make to

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  3. Beer Spiked Apple Pie

    Beer Spiked Apple Pie

    It is officially fall and even here in Tucson, at the Mr. Beer HQ, we are starting to feel a chill in the air! I personally love to pick apples in the fall and make all sorts of delicious treats from them. On my last apple-picking adventure, it occurred to me that I needed to “beerify” a quintessential fall classic, the Apple pie. Truth be told, it wasn’t terribly hard to do, but boy oh boy, is it GOOD! So, get yourself some apples, and let’s make a pie!

    What you need:

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  4. Chicken With Hefe-Honey Sauce

    Finally, it is officially fall! Even here in the very hot, “Tucson Arizona”, the days are getting shorter and a little cooler too. When it comes to “fall appropriate” recipes that include beer, I am usually bringing you sweets and desserts, but not today! Today we are putting beer on our chicken…Well, beer “glaze”, anyway.

    Bring in the fall with this warm, delicious chicken dinner! Chicken breasts meet up with honey, hefeweizen beer, and Dijon mustard to bring you a deliciously warm and savo

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  5. Stout and Apple Breakfast Bread

    Stout and Apple Breakfast Bread

    Fall is coming! Fall is coming! Okay, I know that’s not how it goes, but it’s still a true statement. Cooler months are right around the corner and with that, comes my desire to bake warm, delicious treats that contain my other favorite thing, beer. That’s where this delicious, not too sweet, apple and stout, “breakfast bread” takes center stage! Whole wheat flour and velvety stout, join to make a truly sumptuous beer-infused, treat! Here is how to make it!

    What you will need:

    ¼ cup

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