Welcome to Mr. Beer, the best place to get started on your homebrewing adventure. If you are shopping for yourself or looking to get a gift for that beer lover in your life, you need look no further. We will walk you through what you need to get started brewing and how to keep on brewing into the future.What sets Mr. Beer apart from everyone else is our simplified brewing method, which uses our Mr. Beer Refills. All of our Mr. Beer Refills contain Hopped Malt Extract (HME) which is a syrup-like substance that contains all the amazing flavors and hops your brew will need. Oh, and all our Refills are created by the Master Brewers at Coopers Brewery in Australia, making us the only homebrewing company who uses its own proprietary All-Natural ingredients created by a brewery.

Brewing with Mr. Beer’s Refills cuts 6-8 hours out of the brewing process, reduces the need to spend hundreds of dollars on additional equipment and allows you to make award winning beer. All you need are common kitchen items, 30 minutes to brew, 30 minutes to bottle and 21-28 days of patience.

Hundreds of Craft Breweries have started with Mr. Beer Kit, so what are you waiting for, let’s get started.


The first thing you need is a kit. There are several options to choose from. Complete Kits come with bottles and Starter Kits don’t include bottles. They both include our patented fermenter or Little Brown Keg (LBK) as it has come to be known, and a Refill. Easy-to-follow instructions and basic brewing tips are included. All of the equipment in the kit is reusable and all you need to brew again is another Refill.

The only other items you will need once you get your Kit is water, a 4qt or larger pot, a can opener, a large bowl and a whisk or mixing spoon. It’s simple! Now let’s look at some of our best-selling beer making kits.

American Lager Kits

This includes our American Lager Refill which is great for those who like light beer. If you are buying this as a gift and are unsure what beer the person likes, then this is a safe bet. The beer style nails the flavor of some of the most popular American-style beers and lagers.

Starter Kit $49.95

Complete Kit $64.95

Long Play IPa Kits

This includes our Long Play IPA Refill and is perfect for craft beer drinkers and fans of IPA’s or more bitter style beer. This kit brews an awesome IPA that is a light amber color and has some good bitterness and hop aroma. With so many IPA’s to choose from this is the benchmark for comparing all others

Starter Kit $49.95

Complete Kit $64.95

Bewitched Amber Ale Kits

his includes our Bewitched Amber Ale Refill. If you’re not a fan of the lighter beers in life then this is the kit for you. The style of beer this kit creates is going to be a dark amber color. The beer will be smooth and easy drinking with some good malt flavors. It is perfect for those who prefer darker beers.

Starter Kit $49.95

Complete Kit $64.95


We offer 16 different varieties of Refills to choose from. So, once you brew your fist batch you will have plenty of options to brew next. All our refills come with everything you need to get another batch brewing in no time. We took the liberty of listing some of our most popular styles below.

Oktobefest Lager $19.95



A traditional German style beer with a dark amber color, smooth taste and a crisp clean finish this beer. This is a must brew.

Bavarian Wiessbier $19.95


Very similar to the most popular wheat beers on the market today.


Aztec Mexican Cerveza $19.95 


A refreshing Mexican style beer. It is perfect for hot summer days and lounging by the pool.


Classic American Light $19.95


A traditional light American style beer, this is a close representation of the most popular light beers today. Easy to drink and a style to enjoy all year long.



Northwest Pale Refill $24.95

One of the original craft beer styles that tastes great. This beer is light in color with slight hop aroma and bitterness.



If you’re looking to stretch your skills and taste buds, you should try our Recipes. Besides Refills we have over 100 different Recipes. Our recipes are a combination of different ingredients using a Refill as a base. We will take 1 refill style and pair it with different hops, yeast, grains, fruit, other refills, etc., to make a completely different beer.

We launch new recipes every month there will always be something new for you to brew. Here are some of our most popular ones.

That Voodoo That You Do Amber Ale $24.95



A traditional German style beer with a dark amber color, smooth taste and a crisp clean finish this beer. This is a must brew.

Dad's Favorite Cream Ale $19.95


A classic light style beer with some honey added to it make this just an awesome beer. By far one of our favorites and our brewers agree.


Surly Dog IPA $44.95



Just a big IPA with a ton of hops. If you are a true fan of IPA’s this is a must brew.

Angry Bovine Milk Stout $34.95


A traditional stout with a little bit of sweetness that you get from the addition of Cacao Nibs and Lactose Sugar.


The Best Haze of Our Lives IPA $39.95


A Hazy or New England style IPA. This beer is a great representation of the most popular craft beer style and features a high ABV and some great hop aroma.

Pennsylvania Lager $34.95


Our take on Yuengling’s Traditional Lager and part of our Clone Zone. If you have had Yuengling before you need to brew this, if you have not had Yuengling you need to brew this. Just an amazing beer all the way around.



To top it all off we offer amazing customer support. We have live chat and take phone calls Monday-Friday. And, you can always message us anytime and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. We also have a great Facebook Group for Mr. Beer Brewers called Mr. Beer’s Brewing Society. Once you get your kit, we recommend you joining to get some great advice and hang out with fellow brewers. We want your brewing journey to be a success and for you to make amazing beer! If you have any questions regarding our Kits, Refills, Recipes or just brewing in general feel free to contact us anytime.

Cheers and Happy Brewing!