Do you live and breathe IPA's? Do you want to brew one IPA after the other? Well, we don't blame you! IPA's are amazing and we have a wide range of different IPA's you can brew. Follow us down this brewing journey if you want to experience the wonderful world of IPA's. We start off with some of our more basic IPA's then get more advanced as we go. Be warned this path leads to amazing beer with awesome bitterness!

Let’s start off with a little education. IPA, which stands for Indian Pale Ale, become a popular style in England around 1840. Extra hops were added to the beers to help them stay fresh for long journeys overseas. Over the years IPA’s have continued to evolve and with the rise of the Craft beer industry, IPA’s have become the most popular beer style amongst craft beer drinkers and brewers.

Today the style has moved past the traditional bitter IPA’s. There are now New England IPA’s, or Hazy IPA’s, which are known for their cloudiness and aroma over bitterness. Milk Shake IPA’s which are often sweet and have added flavors like vanilla or other fruit. Brut IPA’s which are dry, kind of like champagne, but with some bitterness. Sour IPA’s (yes that is a thing) is a mixture of a sour beer and an IPA. So, if you are an IPA fan there is certainly something for you to drink. Okay enough history for one day, let's get to the homebrews!


If you are new to brewing or just getting started, we recommend starting with one of our Craft Refills. We offer the Diablo IPA and Long Play IPA. Both of these beers are simple to brew and show the different styles you can get from IPA’s.

Our Recipes are a mixture of different ingredients to create even more varieties of beer. in this case, we are talking about IPA's! We will go over the basic recipes to get you started and then discuss the IPA's you must brew if you are a true IPA lover. We recommend brewing the following 4 recipes in order to experience different flavors and step up your brew game. If you’ve got a few brews under your belt, then dive on in, and let’s get brewing.