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MR.BEER ingredients are chosen based on quality and taste. We select only the best malts, yeasts and mixes to consistently guarantee you the most delicious home made beer ever!

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Be sure to look at our new recipes using the new 850g malts produced by Coopers Brewery!

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Mr Beer Balanced Recipes

Balanced Recipes!

These have no single pronounced characteristic. Instead, the ingredients work together for a well-rounded taste experience.

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Mr Beer Hoppy Recipes

Hoppy Recipes!

Generally a very noticeable bitterness and can have many unique aromas including floral, woody and spicy.

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Mr Beer Malty Recipes

Malty Recipes!

Normally sweet or roasty, and often characterized by their body. Common descriptions are velvety, rich and heavy body.

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Mr Beer Frutiy Recipes

Fruity Recipes!

Characterized by their obvious fruity flavors, they often take on the tart or sweet personalities of fruits used.

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Mr Beer Cider Recipes

Cider Recipes!

Refreshing, smooth, crisp and delicious. These recipes have a delightful sparkling wine-like quality that everyone will love.

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The hardest thing about using refills and recipes from Mr.Beer
is deciding which one to brew up next!

Masterfully crafted recipes.

Each MR.BEER recipe is hand crafted by our in house brewmasters, and tested thoroughly before it is published. True to style and passionately created, our recipes will not disappoint.

Everything you need.

Most MR.BEER recipes include everything you need to make that next batch of heavenly brew including fully detailed instructions, malt, yeast, hops, spices and fruit.