After you pitch your yeast should you stir or not stir your wort?

Today we are going to answer the age-old question, should stir your wort after you pitch your yeast or not?

This idea is an older brewing idea. It used to be part of our instructions about 10 years ago. We would have you pitch your yeast then aerate your wort.

The idea behind this was that it would mix your yeast up in your wort and help it do a better job during fermentation.

However, it actually does not really do anything. Mixing your wort after you pitch your yeast can actually make things worse.

It can kick up yeast on the side of your fermenter that you need for fermentation.

It adds more of a risk element for infection in your beer and it can make your yeast a little unhappy.

So, the best thing to do is to thoroughly aerate your wort then pitch your yeast.

Do not stir your wort after you pitch your yeast.