Beer Recipes

  1. Mr. B’s EASY Party Time Beer Punch

    Mr. B’s EASY Party Time Beer Punch

    Mr. B’s EASY Party Time Beer Punch

    Today I have a recipe for the cooks and non-cooks alike. That’s right, this little gem is SO easy and so delicious! Mr. B’s Party time beer punch is a great way to incorporate your beer into an easy and refreshing beer cocktail and it makes the perfect addition to almost any meal, party or cook-out. If you can make a Mr. Beer refill, you can make this jug of boozy goodness in less than 5 minutes! What are you waiting for? Let’s make some beer punch!

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  2. Mr. B's IPA Quick Pickles

    Mr. B's IPA Quick Pickles

    It’s HOT and we are deep in the pit of Summer down here in Arizona. We are staying cool and hydrated with a few “old faithful” remedies… Lots of water, Cold beer, and cold beer pickles! Yes, we’re slightly bloated, but a 5-minute walk outside in an environment similar to the surface of the sun sweats it out of you pretty quickly. Jokes aside, I figured it might be a good time to share this delicious, beer-infused pickle recipe with you! If you love pickles and you love beer, then you must try these

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  3. Beer Battered Asparagus

    Beer Battered Asparagus

    I can’t believe it! It is nearly Spring already! When I think of warmer months on the horizon, I think of cold beer, springtime activities with the family, and great food! Speaking of great food, if you have a hard time finding reasons to eat your veggies, this beer-battered asparagus recipe might just change your mind. Paired with a tangy and refreshing dipping sauce, you might not have to bribe anyone to eat these!

    What you need:

    1 bunch of medium-sized asparagus

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  4. Beer Gravy

    Last year, around this time, I brought you a recipe for “Beer Brinded Turkey” This year, I couldn’t help but think I was missing a piece of the puzzle, and then it occurred to me, “THAT TURKEY NEEDS GRAVY!”

    Not only does the turkey need gravy, but it needs BEER GRAVY, specifically. The beer isn’t even the “best” part of this recipe, it’s also super simple to make

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  5. Maple Stout Bread

    Maple Stout Bread

    It is still technically summer for most of the world… But that does not mean can’t start thinking about, and enjoying some of those fall flavors a little early, right? I wait eagerly, every year for the chance to start incorporating all those warm and comforting flavors into both my brewing and my baking! In honor of the cooler months to come, I bring you the best of both “fall” treats and BEER! So let's put on those aprons and make this DELICIOUS “Maple Stout”, bread!

    What you will need

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