Best Brew tips from 50 Episodes

For this episode, we decided to take our top 20 tips from our previous 49 episodes and put them all into one awesome mega homebrew tip episode.

  1. Sanitize- Always make sure everything is that might come in contact with your beer is sanitized.
  2. Follow the Directions- we say this a lot but it's very important.
  3. All of Mr. Beer’s Refills or HME’s are made by Coopers Brewery out of Australia. They are the largest family-owned brewery in Australia and have been around for over 150 years. They are well known for producing the highest quality malt extract for homebrewing.
  4. You can brew with expired Mr. Beer ingredients but your be will be darker than it should be and you will want to get new yeast.
  5. You can boil hops in Booster as booster mimics a wort profile. This will help you add bitterness without adding color to your beer.
  6. Adding beano to your beer will dry out your beer & create an awesome low carb or low-calorie beer.
  7. To keep your fermenter cool for summer you can, have a dedicated room for brewing with its own thermostat, use a chest cooler with frozen water bottles, or getting a mini-fridge with a temperature controller to maintain the temperature.
  8. The best type of water to use is any filtered water, RO water or bottled water. You can use tap water if it tastes good to drink and you can use distilled water when brewing with hopped malt extract.
  9. When you run out of sanitizer you can use Bleach (make sure to rinse until the smell is gone), Oxy Clean Free or Hydrogen Peroxide.
  10. Bittering Hops- Hops you want to boil. You will want to boil these in either, DME or after steeping specialty grains or in booster. The longer you boil the more bitterness you will get.
  11. When selecting your own yeast for your own recipe, read the description of the yeast and see what the manufacture recommends to brew with that style.
  12. You can use a lot of different adjuncts to bottle your beer from dextrose, honey, maple syrup, vanilla extract, coffee, whiskey or flavor syrups.
  13. Adding specialty grains to your brew is a great way to add color, body, and mouthfeel to your beer and good for hop boils.
  14. Dual-purpose hops provide great aroma but can also be used for bitterness. They are a great way to add unique characteristics to your beer.
  15. If you want to dry hop your beer make sure your using aroma hops to provide the aroma and flavor you're looking for.
  16. If you have off-flavors let your beer age for a little longer it might help.
  17. Cold crashing is a great way to help clarify your beer and prevent excess trub from getting into your bottles.
  18. Use a heating pad or wrap your fermenter in a blanket to help it stay warm during winter.
  19. A hydrometer is an essential tool for any brewer. You can check your ABV and see when your beer is done fermenting.
  20. Always have fun and make sure you're drinking a beer while brewing some beer, it's required!


We hope you guys have enjoyed these last 50 episodes as much as we have! Cheers!