In our brewery spotlight series for this week, we wanted to focus on one of our favorite local breweries, Dragoon Brewing Co. They make truly amazing beer and one of there founders Eric Greene, was once a Brewmaster for Mr. Beer and is the Head Brewer at Dragoon.

Dragoon was started in 2011 and become one of the most successful Craft Breweries in Tucson. They are a great representation of what brewing is all about.

They brew 4 base beers that you can get all year long and the rest of there brews are seasonal. Those 4 base beers are the Dragoon IPA, Stronghold Session, Santa Cruz’r and Refraction. These beers are staples around town and always tastes great.

If anyone comes to Tucson from out of town, Dragoon is one of the breweries you must visit and try their beer.

For our brewery spotlight, we had our amazing brewmasters, Ashley and Zach try Dragoon’s beers and provide some notes on how they taste and their review on the beer. Unfortunately, we were 1 beer short of getting the 4 staples that they offer year-round.


Dragoon IPA

Taste- This beer has dank, herbal bitterness upfront and all the way through. Earthy and piney, the flavor is in your face. The hop punch sticks around but fades into a tingle on your tongue. A great example of the West Coast IPA.

Smell- herbal and dank with bright citrus, almost candy-like aroma

Refraction Pale Ale

Taste- Bright, lemony flavor with solid malt undertones. A piney punch comes in around midway and compliments the hint of stone fruit.

Smell- mild tropical fruits, fresh bright citrus notes with a detectable cereal type note

Santa Cruz’r Golden Ale

Taste- Good hop bite, toasted-bread comes in and smooths the bitter. Finishes clean with a slight hop linger.

Smell- Mild, sweet citrus aroma with a hint of stone fruit and a slight biscuit character.